The 10 Best Kendama Reviews and Buying Guide For 2021

I have been playing kendama for a few years now and I love it. It’s a very challenging sport, but fun to play. I have taught a few of my friends how to play kendama and they love it as well.

To start playing kendama, you need to know which kendamas are good to start. Here in this article, I shared the high-quality best Kendama toys you can buy. Why you are going to trust my reviews of the best kendama in the world? This is because I consider these things to share this review of best kendama in the world: “best kendama string, best kendama wood, best kendama shapes, and kendama expert user’s opinion” to making this. No matter what is your level in kendama, you may want to buy a new one or you are in an advanced position in kendama playing. This review of the best kendama will help you to choose the right and best quality kendama.

Best Kendama

Kendama is a tricky toy that can easily help you kick-start your creativity. You can perform all kinds of easy kendama tricks with these Kendama toys.

Kendama is a really fun and easy way to train your arm, hand, and finger coordination. Playing with a kendama is a great way to burn off some of those extra calories, and it’s a great way to relieve stress and work out those arms!

Best Kendama – Buyers Guide & Brand Reviews

Every kid seems to want to master the kendama, and for good reason- it’s a fun and challenging activity that makes use of the entire body. But mastering the kendama can be frustrating, especially when you’re just getting started.

The sad truth is that most kendama tricks take years to master. Sure, you can learn the basics in a few weeks, but the real trick is to stick with it and let the kendama become an integral part of who you are.

Here you are going to know the best kendama reviews you can choose.

1. Juicy Dammas Kendama

Best Beginner Kendama

In Stock

Juicy Dammas Kendama Skill Toy Drop Line Sticky Paint Extra String Carrying Bag

Juicy Dammas Kendama Skill Toy – Drop Line – Sticky Paint, Extra String, Carrying Bag

  • Sticky Paint Stickier, Beech Wood Ken, and Tamma.
  • The string of 10 fingers laced with a little baby bear. It is easier and quicker to learn spikes with bearings, and you can do tricks with bearings that aren’t possible with beads.
  • The bigger bore out makes lacing lunars and Slingers much easier. The base cup size was increased to compensate for weight loss during Lighthouse landings.
  • It’s hard.
  • Recommended age: 12 months and up.
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The best cheap kendama with premium quality. The Juicy Dammas Kendama is the perfect Kendama for beginners and one of the best budget kendama in the world. It is also the best intermediate kendama. It has bright colors, two tama (balls), and a string that is perfect for beginners. It is superb quality and super light kendama.

It is a perfect combination of balance, durability, stability, affordability, and beauty.

It is well balanced and easy to control, and its string and ball are durable and will last long. It’s an excellent choice for both experts and beginners. It comes in a brown bag! You do not need to worry about the storage case. Also comes with some stickers, extra string with a bead, string replacement tool.

The Juicy Dammas is made of 100% beech wood. The tama is hand-painted with the highest quality paints and it is 60mm. The spike is made of 100% beech wood.

Ten finger strings are embellished with tiny baby bearings. You can learn spikes easier and faster by using a bearing, as well as perform advanced bearing tricks without a bead.

The Juicy Dama Kendama is an inspirational toy that uses string and wood to promote an active lifestyle among adults and children alike. The unique shape of the Juicy Dama Kendama allows for comfortable handling and two-handed play, even during long periods of use. The comfortable hardwood construction allows for easy play, and the unique shape of the ball allows for longer spin times than the traditional competition-grade kendamas. The Juicy Dama Kendama is made by hand in the USA and is the first kendama made with an ergonomic design for comfort, stability, and ease of play.

What I Like

  • The kendama is good quality for the price and this is the best starter kendama for all ages people.
  • Excellent color choices and a solid product.
  • Great toy for keeping children entertained.
  • There’s a lot of glue in the paint, and the lunar balance is great.
  • There are larger cups in the ken, and the carry bag is a nice addition.

What I Do Not Like

  • The base cup size is too large.

2. KROM Kendama for Beginners and Experts

Best Quality Kendama

In Stock

KROM Kendama POP Naked – Flawless Balance – Strong and Durable – Enhanced Cognitive Skills

KROM Kendama POP Naked – Flawless Balance – Strong and Durable – Enhanced Cognitive Skills

  • Best entry-level kendama.
  • Bigger cups. Thin spike. Big Hole.
  • Premium Honed Maple Wood. KROM sticky paint. The wider cups for better balance and easier catches.
  • You will get an extra string, string tool, extra bead, a mini-poster, and stickers.
  • Recommended age: 13 months and up.
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Are you a mid-level kendama player and looking for a standard-sized kendama?

If you are looking for the best sticky kendama this one would be the best kendama for you. As a kid, I had an overwhelming interest in Kendamas, one of those oddball toys that everyone seemed to know about. As a child, I would always pick one up to play with when I saw one, and I assumed that others felt the same. Two years ago, I was extremely surprised and delighted when I saw a video about a new Kendama called the KROM, and found out that someone was selling them online. I’ve been a regular buyer of KROM kendamas ever since, and I am proud to say that I have three of them!

If you are looking for a good quality kendama, the KROM Kendama is a top-quality, traditional Japanese toy that is super fun and challenging to play with. It consists of a ball and spike connected by a string and has become one of the most popular kendama toys in the Kendama family.

Everyone starts somewhere and for beginners, I recommend the KROM Kendama. This Kendama is designed to help you learn and grow. With a painted Tama (ball) and a painted Ken (stick), this Kendama is perfect for those who are just getting started, and also it is ideal for professional players.

KROM Kendama is a high-quality ball and a super fun toy. The ball is made of poly plastic, and the cup is made of beech wood. The ball is painted with special paint made for plastic balls to achieve uniform color and to protect the ball from wearing.

It has wider cups for better balance and easier catches. If you practice with this decent quality kendama regularly it will increase concentration and persistence while improving motor functions and coordination.

What I Like

  • This kendama is great for hand eye coordination exercises.
  • It has a skinny spike, wide tama bevel & large cups.
  • Top-quality beech wood, KROM rubber clear coat, black string blow your mind.
  • Perfect for tracking.

What I Do Not Like

  • This kendama does not have a bored out hole in the basecup.

3. Kendama USA Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama

Best premium maple wood Kendama

In Stock

Kendama USA Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama (Silk)

Kendama USA Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama (Silk)

  • It has a super stick.
  • Silk paint styles.
  • Lunar balance is enhanced by the drilled base cup.
  • Improved Tracking Points with Laser Engraving
  • All ages will enjoy this game. This is the perfect team-building and family fun game.
  • Recommended age: 9 years and up.
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Looking for a professional kendama at an affordable price? The Zach Magnuson is the Pro Model kendama built for the world’s most elite players. The combination of design of this kendama is attractive. A little heavier than the standard kendama with the same great balance, this model will give you more spin power, stability, and control. You will be able to do advanced tricks like the ken flip and kenbackflip with ease.

The Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama is a high-end kendama at a reasonable price. It is a unique design. It has a deep cup-like shape, which is helpful for catch tricks. The bamboo construction of this kendama is solid with a smooth texture. I will consider this the best pro model kendama.

This kendama is best for professional kendama players. It has an exclusive design. The exclusive paint design of this kendama will blow your mind.

The Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama is the ultimate kendama for experts. It has a wide bore, rounded ken shape, and deep cups for optimal balance. The extra-large diameter makes it ideal for beginners, as well as experts. The Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama is made of maple wood. You will get a replaceable string with this kendama.

This kendama USA is a fun and challenging toy that can be played by anyone, of any age. The trick to playing kendama is to keep the ball in the cup at the end of the kendama. Many people find kendama to be an amazing stress relief and an excellent activity to do with family and friends.

What I Like

  • it’s so sticky.
  • Its weightlessness is flawless and the paint is just amazing.
  • Well balanced, good feel for all types of players.
  • Strung up with exclusive extra-long string.
  • This is a beautiful kendama with a nice texture.
  • The spike design of this kendama is great.

What I Do Not Like

  • A little bit heavy for beginners.

4. Banana Kendama

Best kendama for kids

In Stock

Banana Kendama Pro - Precision Japanese Beech Toy (Black Marble)

Banana Kendama Pro – Precision Japanese Beech Toy (Black Marble)

  • The Banana Kendama Classic is perfect for kids.
  • Kendama combines hand-eye coordination.
  • Designed with a classic shape, the Banana Kendama Classic is constructed of quality beech wood.
  • Tamas (balls) are painted with banana peel paint for shine, resilience, and grip.
  • You will get replacement tools such as spare string, spare beads.
  • Recommended age: 4 months – 3 years
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There is no doubt that this is a fantastic kendama that will be enjoyed for years. The paint on the ball (dama) is bright, but it isn’t sticky paint, it’s smooth. The ken (stick) is made well with good standard-sized catch cups. It’s worth the money.

With the same specs as the official model, this official Banana wood Kendama is perfect for all skill levels. It’s well-balanced and easy to control for first-time players, and it provides advanced players with the opportunity to perfect their tricks.

The Banana Kendama Pro – Precision Japanese Beech Toy is made from a solid piece of Japanese beech wood which makes it stiff and strong so it will last a lifetime. This Japanese Beech Toy is a toy so simple, so fun, so delightful, silk paint, so addictive, so perfect for a long time.

The tama has been changed to a design that has been made to improve the overall accuracy of the kendama. This tama has been designed with accuracy in mind to ensure that you can achieve all tricks, even the most advanced spikes. The right and left sides of the ken are different, which means you can work on your accuracy even more. The model is a good choice for those who want to play kendama seriously.

What I Like

  • The color of the dama (ball) is bright.
  • Good quality wood.
  • It teaches you to have balance and steadiness.
  • It has average-weight wood, which means it will not be heavy for you.
  • You will get a trick guide with this kendama.
  • It has attractive colors.

What I Do Not Like

  • The paint is slick, not sticky.
  • No stickers or bag.

5. Sweets Kendamas 5-Stripe Prime Kendama

Best Wooden Kendama

In Stock

Sweets Kendamas 5-Stripe Prime Kendama - All Levels, Stripe Design, Extra String Accessory Gift Bundle

Sweets Kendamas 5-Stripe Prime Kendama – All Levels, Stripe Design, Extra String Accessory Gift Bundle (Slushy)

  • The construction is made of beech wood.
  • The spike design for both left and right-handed players.
  • Custom 5-Stripe paint job offers excellent feelings for all play levels
  • With the stickiness, beginners can learn all the basics quickly, and advanced players can do tricks like lighthouse and lunar.
  • Instruction guide included.
  • Recommended age: 7 years and up.
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It’s Sweets time! The Sweets Kendamas 5-Stripe Prime Kendama has a fantastic design. It’s designed with a simple style that’s sure to make every kendama players want to. The 5-stripe design is guaranteed to make your kendama play better because it included a great instruction guide for beginners, to learn the basics and progress quickly.

The Sweets Kendamas 5-Stripe Prime Kendama is a top-quality Japanese-style kendama. The wood is cut from a single piece of Japanese kaya, a hardwood a little bit firmer than bamboo wood. The ball is made from a custom type of plastic, which balances weight and grip perfectly. With just a little bit of practice, this kendama will have you doing all sorts of tricks.

The 5-Stripe prime kendama is an excellent choice for any kendama player looking for high-quality and durable kendama. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to take their game to the next level and will provide hours of fun for years to come. The larger cups make it easier for beginners, and the slender sword is perfect for advanced tricks like Lunar. This wooden toy construction is made from beech wood, which accommodates both left- and right-handed players. It is a very addictive traditional Japanese wooden toy that helps us to improve balance, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.

With a classic shape and sweet colors, this kendama is the sweetest deal around. It has a traditional stained wood finish and the classic looks and feels of a classic kendama, but with a few special features such as striped tama (ball) and string, and a beautiful 5-stripe tama (ball). All Sweets kendamas come with a free extra string and bead to help you keep your best kendama in top condition.

What I Like

  • Brand new Prime sticker pack and colored replacement string are included in the packaging.
  • It is a solid piece of wood that is nicely constructed and painted well.
  • Great quality and fun for all ages.
  • Very tacky, great balance.
  • It is a full standard size regulation kendama.
  • Value for money, durable and giftable.

What I Do Not Like

  • Sometimes the painting looks glossy which is not likable.

6. RQN Bamboo Kendama

Best Kendama for Tricks

In Stock

RQN Bamboo Kendama with Translucent Blue Ball with Extra String for Kids Teens Adults

RQN Bamboo Kendama with Translucent Blue Ball with Extra String for Kids Teens Adults

  • Craftsmanship and quality of this kendama is nice.
  • Durable and stylish.
  • Perfect kendama for tricks.
  • Extra string included. Strings are made of high-quality fibers, providing excellent strength and flexibility.
  • Bamboo will not mildew, is easier to maintain, and does not smell.
  • Recommended age: 12 Years and up.
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This is one of the most popular kendama’s I have ever had the pleasure to review. It’s handmade from 100% bamboo wood and features a soft, grippy finish. The weight and balance are superb and the ken (the ball on the end of the string) is easily and comfortably gripped in the hand. This kendama is available in blue colors and we highly recommend it for kids and teens.

The RQN Kendama is the perfect choice for players looking for a quality kendama without breaking the bank. It’s made of solid bamboo wood which is the best material for kendama construction. It also has custom axel cups. The cups are polished to give it a smooth surface, reducing the chance of the ball getting caught on it during play. It has a unique finish to make it look unique.

The RQN Bamboo Kendama is a classic Japanese skill toy used to hone one’s concentration and coordination. The ball-shaped tip allows a trainer to focus on string tricks, while the handle is perfect for the kendama enthusiast to master tricks involving flips and spins.

This professional bamboo kendama with the translucent blue ball is perfect for a Christmas gift. Practice makes perfect! Before you know it, you will be performing all your favorite tricks. This kendama is high-quality, durable, great for tricks, improving hand-eye coordination. RQN Kendama is made of laminated bamboo parts and designed for high-level kendama play.

What I Like

  • All materials used Shanghao bamboo wood.
  • Product use, durable wear, use a different season.
  • Extra kendama string have been added.
  • The paint is shiny and slick.
  • The wood is soft and smooth, and good to grip.

What I Do Not Like

  • The ball is not sticky paint at all.
  • The ball is not heavy.

7. KROM POP Kendamas for Beginners and Experts

Best Kendama for All Ages

In Stock

KROM Kendama POP Flawless Balance Kendama

KROM Kendama POP Flawless Balance Kendama

  • This kendama is made from high quality beech wood.
  • The elastic string of this cool Kendama allows for easy and convenient playing.
  • It has a perfectly smooth texture.
  • Can be used by both left and right hands.
  • This high quality kendama is suitable for everyone.
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The Krom POP Kendama is the best kendama for all ages people.. This nicely weighted and designed kendama is a great combination of old and new.

The KROM POP kendamas are the kendama that provides a slightly smaller cup and a slightly larger tama, giving the toy a better balance and a more comfortable feel. The POP also features a rounded spike as well as a rounded base, which allows for a better grip and a more comfortable fit in the hand.

The KROM POP Kendamas is a kendama for those who are looking to get into kendama, but don’t want a very hard kendama. The tips are very soft, so you can work on your basics without having to worry about chipping the paint. The cup of the kendama is very wide which makes it easier to handle and catch the ball. The string is also very soft and durable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the string. All in all, this is a very good kendama for beginners.

It is made of high-quality beech wood with high-density fibers that can withstand frequent use. This cool Kendama provides easy play and convenient handling in part because it has a no-tangle string.

You will enjoy using this Kendama model because its balance and texture are perfect. The balance of the ball string game makes it possible to use both left and right hands.

Kendama Ball enhances your reaction time, improves reflexes, balance, and creativity, as well as developing your hand-eye coordination. Toys such as this Kendama from Japan are not just games but also healthy ways to deal with cognitive challenges. There is no doubt that this is the best beginner kendama and I will recommend you to check this to know how to play kendama for beginners. You will get many kendama beginner tips.

Positive Things

Fashionable between male, female, kids, adults.

All sides have one color.

Great corner cutting, tension adjustable.

It looks great. Everyone is going to love it.

Negative things

  • Soft on the outside of the ball, but is hard on the inside.

8. LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama

Best Kendama for Carrying

In Stock

LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama Red Fuzzy Ball Kendama - 6 inch Mini Kendama

LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama Red Fuzzy Ball Kendama – 6 inch Mini Kendama

  • Best mini kendama.
  • The texture of this kendama is smooth.
  • If you are going to start kendama playing newly it would be best to start.
  • The quality of this kendama is great.
  • You can carry this kendama anywhere you want.
  • Recommendad aga: 3 years and up
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LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama is the best kendama you can ever get. Why? It’s very simple. It is made of wood, which makes it very durable. It is also designed to be very easy to control. These features make it harder to break.

This is very favorite kendama to the kids. If you looking kendama for kids this would be a great choice. Your kids can enjoy if they have just basic kendama skill. This kendama has a minimalistic design.

The LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama is a brand that makes high-quality kendama. They are made to the highest quality control standards. These kendamas are truly made with love. The LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama is the best kendama you will ever own. They are extremely well made. It is truly a masterpiece. The kendama is anything but cheap. The kendama is well worth its price.

LUCOBE Shin Fuji Kendama is a high quality kendama that is made from bamboo wood and other high quality materials to guarantee a great experience. It is recommended for all ages, from kids to adults.

The ball is well balanced and the cups are interchangeable. The ball is made of wood and is well-polished to make the ball well-rounded. The ken is well-polished to make it strong and long-lasting. The ken-to-tama gap is adjustable.

What I Like

  • It is a 6-inch tall kendama with a unique red fuzzy textured tama.
  • This kendama is great for beginners to advanced players.
  • You can carry it everywhere.
  • Great for watercolors, paints, and markers.
  • High-quality solid bamboo wood.

What I Do Not Like

  • I think the color is not bright as the manufacturer said.

9. Kotaro Kendama Blue Ball Deluxe Pro

Best for Kendama Tricks

In Stock

Kotaro Kendama Blue Ball Deluxe Pro Toy Catch Game with Extra String

Kotaro Kendama Blue Ball Deluxe Pro Toy Catch Game with Extra String

  • Kotaro Kendamas are designed for high level kendama play.
  • Made of solid wood.
  • Smooth and have well balanced kendama.
  • Fits in hand perfectly for everyone.
  • Extra string included.
  • Recommendade age: 12 years and up.
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This kendama rocks. I love the natural wood material. It is not too big but not too small. This kendama is perfect for pro kendama players and for beginners too.

You can easily perform all your favorite tricks, such as Oozara (big cup), Kozara (small cup), Chuuzara (base cup), and Rousoku (candle). Using grips such as the Sara (or Pen) Grip, the Ken Grip, the Tama Grip, or the Rousoku Grip is useful. This deluxe Kotaro Kendama comes with a solid hardwood ball (the dama or tama), a pre-strung length of string, and the ken, or handle with three cups. Comes with one extra string as well.

The kotaro kendama is one of the best kendamas on the market. It is designed with great care to ensure optimum performance and superior quality, making it the best kendama for teenagers. This is made of solid wood parts, and they are designed for high level kendama play.

The Kotaro Kendama Blue Ball Deluxe Pro Toy is simple but impressive. This is the classic kind of toy that is easy to use for everyone. It is an ideal choice for the best kendama, and you can use it for practicing the basic moves.

This kendama is the best kendama that I have ever seen, it has everything that you could want, has a nice paint job, the ball is a perfect standard size, and the tama is the perfect hardness. The tama are the perfect weight and length, it has a nice string, but the string is not too fat or too skinny. It has a nice cup and handles, which is the perfect size for your hands. it has a really nice texture, has a really nice polished finish.

Boost your hand-eye coordination, speed up your reflexes, and improve your balance. A very sweet looking and stable handle. I like the deep, perfectly angled cups.

What I Like

  • This kendama will come with a blue holster, carabiner clip, and extra string.
  • The color on the ball is bright, vibrant, and durable.
  • The length of the string is easy to adjust.
  • Nice, deep, and perfectly angled cups.
  • Good quality solid wood that will hold up well.
  • High-quality solid beech wood kendama.
  • It has awesome colors.

What I Do Not Like

  • Small in size.

10. Sweets kendamas grain split 2.0 prime kendama

Best Design

In Stock

Monster Go Magnetic 3x3 Speed Cube

Monster Go Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube

  • Unique mechanism plastic core.
  • Comes with symmetric lock up pieces.
  • Vivid colors and scratch proof.
  • Adjustable tensioning.
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The grain split 2.0 is a visually stunning kendama. This kendama is the premier model in the Sweets Kendamas lineup. It has a perfect weight and is the ideal shape for both serious and casual players. 

This Sweets grain split 2 prime kendama is truly an amazing kendama to play. It has an amazing grip and is comfortable to hold. It is great for beginners since the material is soft and it’s not too hard to catch the ball into the hole. It is also good for pro kendama players to practice tricks since the material is soft the ball will land in the cups more often than not. It comes in great colors and is great for all ages.

There is a very nice paint job on this kendama as well as it is durable and does not chip like many other kendamas in this price range do. The paint job makes it easier for beginners to learn basic tricks and for more experienced players to land advanced tricks. The 2.0 Prime Kendama features wood that is far more durable than the original Prime models. It uses the same great “Grain Split” design that is unique to the Prime line. This is a high quality, light weight kendama that is sure to become one of your favorite pieces!

The new Sweets Kendamas grain split 2.0 prime is the latest upgrade on the Sweets Kendamas brand. This new version is made with high quality wood that is selected personally by the Sweets Kendamas team. The wood used in this kendama has a very unique grain pattern that is sure to stand out.  The tama is made of high quality, solid maple wood that has been kiln dried to ensure that this kendama will age well. The tama is finished with a beautiful, glossy clear coat for extra shine. The tama is 2 inches shorter than the standard tama, making it easier to learn. The tama is also thicker than the standard tama at 5

It’s one of the best-looking kendama designs on the market. Additionally, the white bottom of the hole makes it easy to track the ball as it flies through the air. Larger cups make the game easier for beginners, while a slimmed-down sword makes the balance ideal for tricks like the Lunar. It comes in two pieces of beech wood and can fit left and right-handed players.

What I Like

  • It includes a great instruction guide for beginners, to learn the basics and progress quickly.
  • The tama is shiny and tacky.
  • Great quality kendama for the price.
  • It includes the brand new Prime sticker pack and a colored replacement string.
  • Solid wood construction.

What I Do Not Like

  • Sometimes the cups slipped off the spike.

Best Kendama Brands

What are the best kendamas and what is the best kendama brand?

There are a lot of kendama brands in the market. You may now want to know which is the best brand for kendama? Which are the most trusted brands for best quality kendama?

There are a lot of top Kendama brands you will find. Kendama USA and Sweets Kendama are the best brand of kendama.

I find that the best Japanese kendama are available in the market and all the kendama players give importance to the best Japanese kendama, this is because the Japanese kendama association always contributes the best for kendama products.

You may find many stickers on kendama of the Japanese kendama association and they define the kendama best brand.

The best kendamas are made from a variety of materials, including wood and plastic. Wood is the most common material used to make the handle portion of the kendo stick because it’s durable and doesn’t break easily. Plastic handles can be lighter than wooden kendamas but they tend to wear out faster. The head or blade on your kendo stick should have an edge that’s sharp enough for you to use without getting cut by it.

If you’re looking at buying a new set of sticks, consider what size you need so you don’t end up with too many different standard sizes in one place. You may also want to look into purchasing some extra blades if you plan on using them often.

Kendamas are arguably one of the best kendama toys you can buy, and if you’re a kendama player, it’s not too hard to understand the dedication of the kendama community. They’re a great way to improve your balance, coordination, and hand/eye coordination, and the best part is they’re really fun. Below you will find a list of some of the best kendama brands.

  • Sweets Kendamas
  • Bahama Kendama
  • Duncan
  • Yomega
  • Active kendama
  • Toysmith
  • BOHS
  • Kendama Co

Want to know more about which kendama brands or kendama company are making the best kendama in detail? Please read our another comprehensive review of the best kendama brands.

Kendama Glue For Spike

The main types of glue used for kendama are adhesives, which are used to bond the kendama to the rim of the cup, and glues that are used to hold the kendama in place during tricks. Some glues are made specifically for kendama, while others are suitable for other uses.

Protect your Kendama Spike with kendama glue. This brush-on Kendama Glue is a special blend that will extend the life of your spike by adding a layer of armor to it.

Applying the glue is simple and odorless. The no-mess brush-on applicator provides the perfect amount of coverage and control.

This glue is compatible with wood Kendamas plastic or resin based kendamas, metal Kendamas, and more.

Glue is the most commonly used item for gluing your kendama spike to your kendama. But should you glue your kendama spike?

This video will help you to understand that easily.

What is the Best Kendama For a Returning Player (last played 2018)

Kendamas are one of the most versatile and fun toys on the market. Nothing can be used to create a new and exciting skill like a kendama. There is a kendama for everyone, and their unique characteristics and special tricks can be used to create something new and exciting.

The most important thing to consider when buying a new kendo stick is how comfortable it will make you feel while practicing. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours every day at practice then comfort should always come before anything else. As long as you don’t mind spending money on a higher-end kendo stick then go ahead and buy whatever you want.

I would recommend you if you want to practice kendama again, then you can buy rubberized kendama.

Or you can buy a beginner level such as sweets Kendama and practice every day.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Kendama

Kendama is fun, engaging, and easy to learn, but there are many different kinds of kendama to choose from. Which one is right for you? When it comes to buying a new kendama, there are a lot of choices. Here are some things you should consider before buying your first kendama.

Perhaps you are wondering what would be the best choice or which kendama might be the best. Today, there is so much to choose from when it comes to kendama; it’s almost overwhelming! The following questions may come to mind:

  • How do I choose the best kendama?
  • What are the reasons for the price differences?
  • When is the best time to start playing kendama?
  • What makes each kendama so different?
  • I want to buy a kendama for the first time. What should I get?
  • I already have one kendama. Which should I get next?

You shouldn’t worry too much about the bells and whistles when buying your first kendama, like the paint on the kendama and whether the Base Cup has a Balance Bevel.

Check the Shape and standard Size of a Kendama

You can try any weight you feel you are attracted to if you are completely new to kendama and are not certain which weight you prefer. Don’t worry about how much one side weighs compared to the other. Kendama’s weight makes a small difference in how easily you can learn new tricks. It is mostly a matter of feeling that determines weight. The weight you choose should feel comfortable in your hands when jamming.

Kendamas come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and you should learn about them. There are five main sizes available in the market: Nano(size=2″), Mini (6 1/8″), Standard (7 1/16″), 5 Cup (8 1/16″), and Jumbo (9 5/8″).

To participate in the competition, you must use standard-sized kendamas. Several different shapes are available for Kendamas, including three cups, four cups, five cups, and so on. Starting with the standard is always the best choice because only with the standard kendama can you take part in the tournaments.

Materials for buying a top quality kendama

It is a very important matter while buying a new kendama to check the materials. You may ask which is the best wood for a kendama?

Kendamas are made of various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You must know about the kendama wood types.

The wood is the most important thing that should be checked while buying a new kendama. There are 6 types of wood used in Kendama. You may now ask which wood is the best for kendama?

Beech wood is normally very popular with kendama players but others are also good for all types of players. Beech wood is the best wood for a kendama.

Ash Wood: Some great kendama brands use ash wood for kendama construction and it has good durability with average density. The grain of the wood is smooth and wide. It is the perfect wood for great performance.

Beech Wood: Kendamas are traditionally made from beech wood, the most popular and most affordable wood type. Top brands of kendama basically use this type of wood. There are many advantages to this wood, including durability, affordability, and average weight.

Cherry Wood: Lightweight and expensive, Cherry Wood is lower in durability than most woods, yet its weight is low but it is the best weight for kendama. The material is very soft when playing.

Oak Wood: It looks very similar to beech wood and has a strong cross grain. When you play kendama, which is made of this type of wood, you will feel tough

Maple Wood: Maple wood is super light and highly durable. It sounds very nice when Ken and Tama collide, especially when you do a spoke trick. Because of this, most professional players use it in their competitions.

Plastic Materials: Nowadays many kendama brands are using plastic materials which is popular with kendama players. Plastic materials are popular because it is strong, lightweight, robust, and has a high density.

Paint Types

There are many different types of paint that can be used for kendamas, but there are some that you will want to steer clear of. For one, don’t use thin grille paint, as you run the risk of scratching your kendama. Another is the thin black paint that some companies use, as it makes the wooden kendamas slide quite easily.

Always try to buy natural painting kendama. It provides a better grip, and with time, it will absorb oil and become more playable.

Most traditional players considered sticky paint to be cheating in the past, but that perception has changed over the years and now many players find it a desirable paint for their kendama.

Another type of paint is glossy paint. In the past, standard kendama was painted glossy, but now most companies no longer produce these. The reason for this is the high difficulty level of this kendama. With these shiny kendama toys, it is nearly impossible to perform a lighthouse trick and lunar trick.

You can also find rubberized kendama. This type of kendama has become increasingly popular in recent years. There is no slipping, and it goes great with the beech wood kendamas.

Experience Level

The most important thing about buying a kendama is that you have to think about your experience level. Otherwise, if you do not know about your level your investment will be not worthy.

If you are in the beginning level and want to buy a new kendama for the first time then I will suggest buying maple wood kendama with sticky paint. This type of kendama would be perfect for beginners. This type of kendama is standard size.

Probably you know the best kendama tricks and you know how to play kendama but you are not regular then you can choose natural, sticky paint, and silk painted kendama. At this level, I recommend you to buy 5 cup kendama.

For the advanced player, I assume that you have already enough experience with Kendama and now want to buy another new one. If you are in that situation then you can go for sticky paint, natural kendamas. You do not need to think about the size as you are at an advanced level.

Price-Quality Ratio of Buying a New Kendama

So if you want to buy a new kendama from the market you do not think about the price. All you can do is know the real customer review first. I have found that a lot of kendama very expensive but the materials were not good. Check the materials only, not the price. Japanese kendama most of the time is solid in price and has contracted with good materials.

What Kind of String is Used For Kendama

It’s nylon, but satin is the nicest. Nylons are resilient and offer the perfect balance of bounce and sturdiness. Why nylon are using most of the time? This is because they are easy to use when stringing the kendamas. 

Kendama Competition Rules

There are no rules for playing Kendamas, but every type of kendama competition is governed by rules. Typically, there are four types of competitions: speed ladder, freestyle, open division, and KWC. In order to compete in kendama competitions, you must use the standard kendama, as only the standard one is accepted. Several kendama tournaments are held each year, including Kendama World Cup, North American Kendama Open, Catch & Flow, Freestyle World Championship, Battle at the Border, and Dama Fest.

Final Verdict

The Kendama is a great product to play with family and friends, and there are infinite possibilities to create your own tricks or perform the ones that you already know. It is surely one of the best games that you can play. It is fun and it can be used to improve your hand-eye coordination while providing a great social environment.

In summary, I can’t recommend any particular model because it depends on what you want to do with the kendama. If you want a kendama for a child or a beginner, I suggest looking at a kendama with a shorter tama to make it easier to catch the ball. If you’re a skilled player, I suggest a kendama that is long to give you higher bounces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kendama

When was the Kendama Invented?

Kendama is an ancient Japanese game invented by Japanese monks in the 1200’s. From what was written in the Japanese history books, kendama was invented by Nengen, a monk who came to Japan from China. He taught the game to the warrior monks, who then taught it to the people. It was later captured by the Japanese Government, which promoted it to be played in public. Since then, Kendama has spread around the world to be played in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, The Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa.
Japan Kendama Association has been organizing kendama contests since 1979, therefore playing kendama can be regarded as a competitive sport.

Why is Kendama so popular?

Kendamas are popular because they can be used creatively and they provide students with a way to express themselves.
Kendama is the latest craze in the world of tricking. The name translates to Kendama, which is a Japanese word. While most tricking forms are popular in Japan, the Kendama has made its way to the West in recent years.
Japanese kendama is a wooden kendamas toy from Japan that is extremely addictive. It improves hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflexes. Whether you are young or old, you can play this game. Beginners, as well as seasoned masters, can learn endless top kendama tricks. Japanese Kendama consists of two parts: the ‘Ken’ (handle) and ‘Tama’ (ball), which are connected by a string. Best kendama tricks involve juggling the ball in the 3 cups, hitting the ball with the Ken spike, and balancing both in new and creative ways. Kendama mastery requires practice, focus, patience, and creativity.

How do you measure a Japanese kendama string?

Many people measure their Japanese kendama string with their fingers, and some specifically measure their string to an exact length. When measuring your string using this scale, you would place tama on the spike, slide your fingertips between the loop of string, and pull taut below the bottom cup. Strings are measured based on how many fingers can fit in the string before the top of your index finger touches the bottom cup. With this method, players can easily get the string to the right length without taking the time to cut and measure the string against yardsticks or meter sticks. The community generally refers to length by this scale from now on, because it is the most common.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Kendama?

Kendama is a Japanese-style yo-yo that is traditionally made from bamboo but is now also made from plastic. Kendamas are fun to play with, and many people enjoy learning how to play, as well as playing with others. Playing Kendama can help improve your balance, coordination, and hand-eye coordination, as well as help to strengthen your upper body and improve your hand-eye coordination skills.

How to care for your Kendama?

Kendamas are amazing toys that can be used for hours of fun or used to win championships. However, there are some simple things you can do to ensure that your Kendama will last a long time.
Kendama toys are fun to play with, but many people don’t know how to properly care for them. Kendamas are a unique form of instrument that requires a little more care than ordinary jewelry. If you’re not careful, the tiny metal balls that line the inside of your Kendama will get stuck in the groove in the center of the board. This is bad for two reasons. The balls are not only sharp, but they’re also very tiny and can easily cut up your fingers.

At what age should we start playing Kendama?

There are a lot of kendamas on the market you can find that you can buy for your 4-year-old baby. A 4-year-old baby can easily learn the kendama easiest kendama tricks and play kendama. It actually depends but if you starting playing kendama from 3 or 4 years of age regularly you will be master within a very short time.

Why my Kendama Cups are loose?

First, press the cups into the ken a little more so it is snug. After that, if it’s still slipping off, use a little super glue on the spike where the cups sit. The cups can be rotated and pulled apart to remove the string if it needs to be replaced, while still holding the string in place.
Also, if your Tribute-style handle feels loose, try this method. A Tribute-style handle can be easily identified by a metal pin running through the center of the cups, which permanently attaches them to the handle. Tribute-style handles can easily be superglued since the cups are permanently attached and cannot be removed.

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