How do I solve 5x5x5 cube? best 5X5 cube

Speedcubing is fun. I guess you are passionately ready for the big cubes. This is the right time for both professionals & beginners to have a wonderful and admirable moment of having the best 5×5 magnetic Speed Cubes!

When you have mastered 2*2 speed cubes, you will be ready to explore more dimensions once you have mastered the 3*3 cubes. In this article, I’d like to share some information with you to help you choose the best 5X5 cube for your next competition in 2023. Despite its two higher dimensions, the 5X5 speed cube is almost exactly like the regular 3* 3-speed cube, but because of its two higher dimensions, it is considerably harder to design a great 5X5 speed cube.

best 5X5 cube for you

Due to this, the majority of 5×5 speed cubes you buy are not exactly the best. At every level, they are terrible. It gets stuck, has bad corner cutting, is slow, etc which makes you avoid the 5 by 5 dimension cubes.

Solving puzzles should be a cheerful experience. Because You practice it for having a good moment only.

Through this article, I will be showing you the most important characteristics of a good 5×5 speed cube, in addition to reviewing the best speed cubes available right now in the market.

Why choose 5×5 Speed Cubes? 

Every cube collection should include 5×5 speed cubes! With them, you can improve your edge pairing for big cubes, and you can train your finger tricks and look ahead.  In this era who does not want to improve his analytical skills? choosing 5 by 5 speedcubes is a good thing then.

Why choose 5x5 Speed Cubes

In order to solve a 5×5 cube, a cuber’s problem-solving and analytical abilities must be applied. It strengthens their cognitive abilities. The concentration of a cuber is also improved by solving different cases and color combinations. Five-by-five speed cubes are great fun to solve and every cubing enthusiast should have one.

What are the benefits of speed cubes?

Speed cubes are a type of speed puzzle that has been around for decades. They are made of plastic and can be found in various colors and shapes. The object is to rotate the cubes to make the blue cube face up first. There are many games like this and there is also a competitive edge as it requires quick thinking, lots of strategies, and skill.

People claim there are 100 benefits to solving the Rubik’s cube. In spite of the fact that Rubik’s cubes are a de-stressing activity for many, some people investigate them as a curiosity, while others develop a fascination. However, solving a Rubik’s cube requires a great deal of patience and energy. Although it takes a long time to complete, it is truly rewarding.

Even if you enjoy speed solving or speedcubing, Rubik’s cube solving will give you many benefits. You also have to choose what kind of approach you want to use to get the results you want.

The core 10 benefits of solving a 5×5 Speed Cube-

  1. It improves patience and memory.
  2. It improves problem solving skills as well as cognitive skills.
  3. Helps your mind to remain active.
  4. Improves speed of thinking.
  5. It improves reflexes.
  6. Helps you to break mild addiction.
  7. Helps you to keep away boredom.
  8. Develops your sense of amusement.
  9. Increases Observational Skills.
  10. Helps your working activity.

Which is better: a plastic or wood speed cube?

Both are good. However, I don’t like wood smart cubes very much, so I won’t say that wood makes a great speed cube. In the future, I hope to make a speed cube from woods that are all different types and polished with a clear finish. I think it would be a beautiful way to represent a speedcube. A ridiculously fast cube could also be made from tempered glass.

Wood has never made appealed to me. Compared to the plastic we have now, it isn’t as strong, and I have trouble breathing the smell. SO, According to the turning style and personal preference is normal cubes I would like to consider.

Which is better a plastic or woo

I think hardwoods aren’t so much weaker buttery smooth than plastics. Using a thin design will weaken it, but using a more rounded design, such as a thunderclap, will make it stronger. Due to the porosity of the wood, it’ll be difficult to limit friction, so I doubt there will be a great speed cube. However, if I ever have the time to make such an item, it is likely to be sufficiently good for me to use it in an actual competition.

Rubik’s cube is the world’s most popular puzzle game. However, this kind of speed solving puzzle has two great advantages over other types:

First, it breaks time limitations which are irritating to many people. Solutions can proceed even when you forget formal rules and move entirely. Therefore Rubik cubes supplement tactical skills that extend into intuitive factors amongst others  (that reside deep in your brain) so the actual techniques utilized keep individuals exposed for several hours.

The results of this puzzle incorporate improving spatial and strategic thoughts, audaciousness, among other things. There is no similar consequence for reading and writing because engrossing books supplement the process to hone your reasoning whilst Rubik’s cube increases that thought outflow which joins thinking types together into a familiar whole – straightaway giving you an alternative ability to go at it! 

Is it possible to add weight to my speed cube without ruining it?

I believe you can add weight to your speed cube by filling it with ball bearings. The easiest way is to make a gadget out of clay and use the coasters we go through in the restaurant, but if this isn’t possible consider using rubber coating inside the wooden puzzle pieces. Tricks are made with Rubik’s cubes so why not use mine?

What is the Best 5X5 Cube 2023?

Beginners and professionals alike will find the cubes below a good choice. Using this guide as a reference, you can choose the one that appeals to you most. 

Nine Cubes of 2023 [Rubik’s Cube Buying]

Coogam Qiyi 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube

Qiyi 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube is an awesome cube that is fun to play with. It is one of the most popular speedcubes on the market, and with good reason. It is a smooth, premium feel, and is durable. This cube moves perfectly fantastic. If you are looking for the highest quality perfect cube then Coogam Qiyi won’t disappoint you. It’s going to be an exclusive collection for you.

The original and still the best, this cube is built to last and engineered to impress! This cube is a primary cube choice for many standard speedcubers. It combines quality construction, fast and smooth turning, and affordability, all rolled into one incredible cube.

The CooGAM Qiyi 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube is the latest addition to the ever-popular Qiyi 5×5 series. This cube is constructed with high-quality material and has vibrant colors that will never fade after many hours of play. With an effortless turning mechanism, this speed cube will provide you with great corner cutting and amazing stability. This speed cube is an absolute delight to play with, owing to its smooth turning feel, sturdy construction, and vibrant design.

Pros cons:

  1. This cube stickerless has excellent stability.
  2. Unlike the 4×4 problem, solving the centers and edges is more complicated.
  3. Although, This cube is a perfect toy for gifts but not suitable for beginners.
  4. It comes with  a pretty smooth action, so obviously a perfect cube for brain building.

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube is an upgraded version of the classic speed cube. There are many popular brands available. But D-FAntiX is exceptional. It looks smooth but it is full of surprises. This speed cube has excellent corner cut, anti-pop ability, great reverse-cornering, stable turning, and zero pops. Play with it and you will find out how amazing it is!

The D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5×5 Speed Cube is a smooth speed cube made of high quality material. It is a great choice for beginners and professionals.

This cube has not caused any pop-ups for me or anyone else that I know. Although they may occur, the D-FantiX’s design has essentially solved this problem.

Cube solvers will love its great performance and smoothness. I would say that this is an amazing speed cube. It is a budget-friendly speed cube with good functionality and a good price.

Pros cons:

  1. Material is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.
  2. Very lightweight and vivid color.
  3. Smooth & fast cube.
  4. It does not come with a stand.
  5. A bit more brightness would be nice on the yellow side. 

Cuberspeed YJ MGC 5X5 M stickerless Speed Cube

It will be your best friend if you’re searching for an amazing gift or just want to spice up your days lately.

The MGC 5X5 M from Cuberspeed is the first 5×5 stickerless speed cube from a well-known brand. The cube comes with a set of boxes and a set of replacement screws. Cuberspeed has a history of producing high-quality puzzles, and this 5×5 is no exception.

The Cuberspeed YJ MGC 5X5 M is one of the most influential speed cubes on the market today. Made of premium material, it can be used for a long time. Although I didn’t like the cube shape as a super popular brand It’s not a big deal at all.

The MGC 5X5 is one of the most innovative 5×5’s of all time! It has many features to create the perfect speed cube for all cubers! Such as a faster and more stable feel, a new lubricant that lasts longer, and a unique anti-pop mechanism that guarantees a smooth and stable cube, even in the worst conditions!

Pros cons:

  1. This is a very smooth cube.
  2. Incredible value for the price.
  3. high quality manufacturing.
  4. Provides eco-friendly ABS material.
  5. Not for children under 3 years old.

5×5 Professor’s Cube Colour-Matching Puzzle

This high-quality color-matching 5x5x5 “Professor’s Cube” is the ideal first puzzle to learn how to solve. With 12 color-matching centers, the aim is to match the colors of the cube so the entire cube is one solid color. You will progress to more advanced puzzles when you’ve mastered this.

The 5×5 Professor’s Cube is a 5×5 twisty puzzle that has been scrambled up. Your goal is to match the colors on the outside of the puzzle. The puzzle turns very smoothly and slowly, so you have a lot of time to think about each move. Although this cube is for best suitable to practice with your friends  I will not encourage you to have a competition but still, it has positive feedback.

Get your Professor Cube today to improve your solving skills! Improve your mind and dexterity by color-matching the letters to the right color-coded edge piece!

Pros cons:

  1. Plastic surface.
  2. A great option for novice players.
  3. outer layers good.
  4. This cube is the perfect Christmas gift. However, Not the best for competition. Keep in mind, they don’t provide gift box. There is an extra cost.
  5. Overall good.

CuberSpeed Moyu Meilong 5×5 M Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube

The Moyu Meilong is a 5×5 stickerless speedcube made by Moyu. It features solid construction and good performance. A Moyu Meilong is a 5×5 that combines the functionality of a big cube with the turning feel of a little cube. The Moyu Meilong is ideal for speedcubing and is extremely smooth out of the box.

The Cuberspeed Moyu Meilong is the most popular cube among the speedcubers. This cube is a great choice for those who want a magnetic speedcubing experience without the sticker hassle. I highly recommend this speed cube as your first speedcube!

The Moyu Meilong 5x5x5 Speed Cube is a magnetic stickerless speed cube that is fast and smooth with great corner cutting. The cube is well-built and weighs around 4.8 ounces. Overall, the Moyu Meilong 5x5x5 Speed Cube is an excellent cube.

Pros cons:

  1. This cube is not so durable.
  2. Best cube for a personal record.
  3. Not suitable for under 3 years.
  4. fairly good magnetic speed cube.

CuberSpeed Moyu Aochuang GTS M 5X5 stickerless Cube

This is the Moyu Aochuang GTS M 5×5 speed cube. This speed cube is well-loved by speedcubers as it is very well designed and has a tight and fast turning feel.

The Moyu Aochuang GTS M is a stickerless 4×4 speed cube that turns smooth right out of the box. Made of quality materials from this brand this cube will last you a long time.

The Moyu Aochuang GTS M 5X5 is the second 5×5 from Moyu. With a size of 55.6mm, it is more compact than the previous GTS. It features a high-quality stickerless color scheme and is packaged with a Moyu 5X5 stand and a paper box.

Pros cons:

  1. Looks very premium quality cube.
  2. Good for any competition and break the world record.
  3. Magnets are great.
  4. Best choice for advanced speedcubers.
  5. This cube has no negative aspects.

Moruska Qiyi 5×5 Stickerless Speed Cube 

With outstanding performance and controllability, the Moruska Qiyi is a great choice for speedcubers.

This 5×5 Qiyi Speed Cube has a well-balanced, smooth, and fast cube. You can expect fantastic corner-cutting and amazing one-handed solving. It has a lightweight and high-quality design with vibrant colors and high-polished stickers. I love this cube and I know you will, too.

When you are looking for a magnetic speedcube to solve, you need to know more than just how fast they are & how super popular. You need to know about their responsiveness, stability, and how they feel in your hands.

This vivid, smooth 5×5 stickerless speed cube is designed to be used with the fastest hands without compromising smoothness.

Pros cons:

  1. This cube comes with plastic material.
  2. This weight is 152g, lightweight.
  3. Comes with abs material.
  4. Best for travel activity & road trip essentials
  5. Good anti-Pop & excellent stability.

LiangCuber Qiyi MS Series Magnetic 5×5 Speed Cube

The LiangCuber Qiyi Magnetic Speed Cube is a popular cube and the foremost speed cubes of 2021. Its magnets are very powerful and they are placed in a way that provides a very smooth, tactile feel. The cube is very stable and rarely locks up. Its corner-cutting is amazing too. It can corner cut up to 45°.

The Qiyi MS is a great budget 5×5 speed cube right now. It has a stable, smooth, and controllable feel, and comes pre-lubricated and tensioned. Thanks to the LiangCuber, the speedcubing community has a new budget cube to enjoy.

Pros cons:

  1. Budget-friendly cube.
  2. High quality with a great magnetic feel.
  3. Good For any type of cubers.
  4. Come with a strong glass box to showcase it.

CuberSpeed YuXin Little Magic 5×5 M Magnetic 5x5x5 stickerless Speed Cube

Finally, The last one is a popular brand from CuberSpeed YuXin. The CuberSpeed YuXin Little Magic 5×5 M Magnetic 5x5x5 Speed Cube is a great 5 x 5-speed cube! A fun puzzle to play with, not too hard to solve, but not too easy either! The colors are amazing, the cube is very fast. Good for beginners. A nice cube to keep you occupied when you are bored. Very good for the price!

The CuberSpeed YuXin Little Magic 5×5 M Magnetic 5x5x5 stickerless Speed Cube is a compact and portable 5×5 cube that is set up with magnets instead of stickers for a unique and smooth feel. It is a cube that is designed for both speedcubing and for cubing for fun.

I highly recommend it for your first journey & If you are an advanced speedcuber then it would be also a good option to practice with.

Pros cons:

  1. It comes with bright stickerless shades.
  2. A budget-friendly cube however provides a medium magnetic feel.
  3. Not very durable.
  4. May cause a little pop-out issue.
  5. Overall good magic cube.

Which cubes should I buy?  – Dive into anything

But the cheapest!! You will waste your money & it is useless. Remember cheapest cubes will not so durable ever they will be destroyed for the 2 times of speedcubing.

Prices of these 2 cubes- CuberSpeed YuXin Little, D-FantiX Cyclone Boys are around $20.00 each with prime shipping from Amazon! I have only paid just a little more than that for 15 months ago when mine broke after 5-6 solves one year later they sent me a new one at no charge using DHL express mail. In case you are buying the first Rubiks cube, I would recommend you read this buying guide before your purchase one.

What brand do you recommend for a series of cubes, 2×2-5×5?

I prefer 5×5. It is smooth, well-lubricated, and surprisingly durable. Otherwise, 4×4-5×5 cubes are not that great because you use bearings which will eventually fail if you do 5+ solves every day or more than 10 times a week. Definitely recommend buying a good quality cube set at the beginning to avoid headaches later on… Makes your life much easier!

Would you recommend getting a 5×5 before a 4×4?: Cubers

often run into failure issues with 4×4 cubes due to the lack of lubrication. If you are drawing heavy nicks or scratches on your edges, I would recommend a 5×5 cube over 4×4 if have access to one.

Which is better for speedcubing?

A single layer/2 layer magnetic cube can be faster than a 3-layer because it’s simpler and less curved based on what layers you use. Or it can be worse. There are more factors that decide the long-term performance of a cube, but usually, I believe single layer/2 layer magnetic cubes are better for speedcubing because they’re smoother with less wear and tear than 3 layers.

Is a 5×5 Rubik’s cube easier to solve than a 4×4?  

In my opinion, there are no big differences. A 5*5*5 Rubik’s cube can actually be solved by combining three 3*3*3 Rubik’s cubes and four 4*4*4 Rubik’s cubes. Initially, you should learn the 4 by 4 Rubik’s cube, which is easier.

What price range is perfect for buying speed cubes?

When it comes to price range, consider the cube brands and their quality. Many non-branded cubes are very low price but they don’t long last whereas branded cubes can be used for almost 5 years. When you are searching for the best speed cube for you, look for ranges between 30 and 50 bucks.

What method is better for 5×5, Yau5, or Freeslice?

Try using Yau5 if your skills with 3×3 aren’t great for 5×5. It may be more helpful to learn this method if you think your 3×3 stage needs improvement. As a result, during the 3×3 stage, you can skip the cross so you can proceed directly to F2L. But remember this, there are a few elements you need to find for your cross, which can be tricky and cause you to lose flow instead of focusing on the elements that are directly in front of you (which is much easier). When you think that your 3×3 stage is perfect and will work for 5×5, try using Freeslice.

What is considered to be a good time to solve Rubik’s cube?

There is no single answer that works for everyone. To qualify for the competition, you have to be able to complete it in less than 10 minutes, unless there is a time limit.

Additionally, you need to consider which method you are using. If you’re new to cubing, any time between 25-60 seconds is good, especially if you haven’t been doing it that long. Under 30 seconds is pretty good for CFOP or other advanced methods. However, for those who are faster, Sub-10 may be their average. Ultimately, it depends on your skill level. The good time is 55 seconds if you average 1 minute. An average of 10 seconds will get you sub-8 seconds.

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