The 13 Best Kendama brands You Must Explore in 2023

Kendama is a game which you can play with friends and family. It’s always hard to find out about the best kendama brands.

Kendamas are a traditional Japanese toy and they’re great for both adults and kids. You can use them to improve your hand-eye coordination, or just as a way to relax after a long day at work. Kendamas come in different shapes and sizes; however, the standard size is usually about 4 inches in diameter with 2-3 inch cups (the larger the cup, the more difficult it will be to bounce)

Best Kendama Brands

There are many types of kendamas, some of them are made out of wood, while others are made out of metal or plastic. This is the question which one would be the best kendama for you? You don’t need to waste your time looking for the best one. I did all the hard work for you and brought to you my list of the market-leading brands of kendama for 2023.

Best Kendama Brands in the World

Here I am going to list some popular kendama brands. I have listed these best Kendama companies based on popularity, users review and personally, I tried some of them. It is hard to say which one is the kendama best brand but I think this list is perfect. All are here are trusted brands, some are from Japanese kendama company and some are Amazon – trusted brands.

  • Sweets Kendamas
  • Kendama USA
  • KROM Kendama
  • Bahama Kendama
  • Duncan
  • Yomega
  • Toysmith
  • Qiilu
  • Gloken
  • Sulab kendama
  • Terra Kendama
  • Active Kendama

Sweets Kendamas Brand

Looking for Kendama for kids and experienced players? The first brand-leading market of kendama I am going to talk about is Sweets Kendama. Kendama sweets brand is the popular brand in the world making Kendama toys.

The Sweets Kendama is made out of several types of wood such as beech wood, bamboo wood. The design of this kendama is very simple and it has amazing patterns on it.

Sweets Kendama is a full-size, regulation kendama. It has large cups, a prime shape, and is the only Kendama with an adjustable string system. This makes it easier to learn how to play kendama!

Sweets Kendama has several types of products.

  • Radar Prime Kendama
  • Grain Split 2.0 Prime Kendama
  • 5-Stripe Prime Kendama
  • Prime Sport Stripe Kendama

This brand is popular just because it is the perfect brand of kendama for beginners. They make good paint for kendama. The wood features of Sweets Kendama are great. It offers several different designs. The color option of this kendama is mind-blowing. You will get a kendama string pack for an affordable price. This brand sold 25000+ kendama already and it has got 600+ 5 star reviews.

Kendama USA Brand

Kendama USA (Kendama USA) is an American company that produces kendamas and other kendama-related products. If you are looking for harder wood kendama with special paint this Kendama USA brand would be best for you. They have some great Kendama bundles.

Furthermore, who wants to improve accuracy in playing kendama, I would say Kendama USA will be the best choice. These Kendamas are great for modern performance.

Kendama USA has some of the best kendamas on the market today. They are made with the best materials. Here I am going to share Kendama USA best products-

  • Pro Model Kendamas
  • The Pill Toy
  • Kaizen Kendamas
  • Kendama Accessories

The Kendama USA brand is popular for its variety. This brand uses high-quality woods for making kendama and this brand is good for all levels of kendama players. The solid wood construction of this kendama making it more attractive.

If I talk about the price, probably Kendama USA is the best choice for kendama players for its reasonable price.

It also produces Kendama strings which are really good nylon materials.

KROM Kendama Brand

Here I am going to share another trusted brand of Kendama. KROM Kendama is the highest quality and most affordable Kendama you can find. It has a traditional and authentic design and comes with everything you need to get started: a ball, a cup, a spike, and two strings. Additionally, KROM Kendamas is made with the highest quality materials.

KROM Kendama is made with high-quality wood and has an authentic design. These qualities make KROM Kendama some of the best on the market today.

KROM Kendama has some great product types. Such as-

  • Pop kendamas
  • The Strogo Series
  • The KROM Pro Team
  • String Pack

 The classic design of the KROM Kendama has been a favorite of pros and beginners alike. Crafted from traditional Japanese White Oak, the KROM Kendama has a solid feel in the hand and excellent balance. Whether you’re a fan of the art or just want to practice your tricks, you can try KROM without any doubt.

KROM Kendama is made from Bambo and beech along with a stainless steel spike and cup. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles to find the one that suits you best. To learn more about KROMs visit their website.

Bahama Kendama Brand

This is my personal favorite brand. Bahama kendama is the latest in the Kendama family. The Bahama is made of high-quality solid beech wood, giving it a beautiful, strong, and rich appearance. The Bahama Kendama features a beadless design with a rubberized base cup for better grip. These kendamas have sticky paint with unique designs and you will learn the kendama tricks easily if you buy from this brand.

Bahama Kendama is the best brand of wooden kendamas for those who want to start playing kendama for the first time. They provide great quality Kendamas for both kids and adults.

If you are looking for the best-rubberized kendama then Bahama kendamas would be the best for you. Rubberwood kendama is best because they have a traditional design and come with everything you need to get started: a ball, a cup, and two strings. Bahama Kendamas are easy to learn, but hard to master!

Bahama Kendama is great for anyone looking to learn the game. It’s brightly colored, making it easy to track while you play, and has a smooth finish for easy stringing.

Duncan Kendama Brand

The Original and most popular wooden Kendama is back! Duncan is the world’s most famous brand of kendama. Duncan Kendama brings you the best quality for a competitive price and high performance. Get yours today!

Duncan Kendama is the world’s most popular and original wooden bead trick toy. The Duncan Kendama has the shape of a Tama (ball) attached to a spike. The tama is inserted into a hole called the “okozeme” which is traditionally used to balance the tama on its top. The tama is painted with a variety of colors distinguished by their weight.

This vivid green kendama brand is the perfect tool to help learn the art of kendama. The ken, or ball, is weighted at the bottom with a bead to provide an easy grip of this kendama brand product. The tama is balanced by an adjustable string.

Duncan kendamas are crafted from strong, durable materials, offering flawless balance and the perfect texture for advanced-level tricks and advanced players.

Yomega Kendama Brand

I am going to introduce another best brand kendama called Yomega kendama. These Kendamas are made of plastic and wood. They offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, with some having adjustable weights for additional tricks.

The Yomega K Series Kendama is one of the most popular Kendama. This one has a hollowed-out center for tricks and comes in different colors. The Yomega kendamas are made of plastic, but they are very durable and easy to learn with. This Kendama is made of maple, which provides a light feel and easy speed.

With the Yomega Kendama, you can master the ancient skill of kendama, which originated in Japan over a hundred years ago. Since the Yomega Kendama is weighted at the ends, you can enjoy its easy balance and superb action.

Toysmith Kendama Toy Brand

This is another top pick kendama brand I am going to write about in this top kendama brands list. The Toysmith Kendama Toy are producing some great kendama toy. This brand is popular for creating sticky paint kendama, and the kendamas of Toysmith Kendama Toy brand have smooth textures which are simply outstanding.

The all-new Kendama by Toysmith is the latest craze in the toy industry. This is the toy that has taken the world by storm! The patent-pending handle design is unlike anything else on the market today. The Toysmith Kendama is a new and improved version of the traditional Kendama. The stem of the Toysmith Kendama is a modern, sleek design. 

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a kendama expert, this toy is a great way to get in on the action. It features Japanese-style handles and high-quality wooden construction. The kendama of this brand is a centuries-old Japanese toy that combines fun and dexterity. This kendama brand is ideal for kids and adults to learn the traditional Japanese skill of kendama, and it’s also great for just having fun.

There are different colors you can found for this brand. You will get extra string no matter which model you buy.

I have one great model of this brand which is made of wood and the stripe design is just amazing. The most important thing about this brand is that they use solid wood.

BESPORTBLE Kendama Brand

This is another great brand of kendama toy. The BESPORTBLE Kendama is very unique, original, and innovative kendamas with a fun design for a long-time play. This company has been around for more than 15 years and they have the experience to make the best quality products in the toys industry Kendamas.

This brand is making professional Kendama with separate wood cups for maximum balance which is really good for professional kendama players.

Each BESPORTBLE Kendama comes with an instruction booklet containing 3 tutorials. The first is an introduction to the basic parts of the Kendama, the second tutorial is the trick “Rainbow”, and the third tutorial is an introduction to 3 new tricks. The booklet also contains stickers to help newbies practice.

The BESPORTBLE Kendama is the best kendama that money can buy, and I guarantee it. The team of toy designers and engineers did lots of research and prototyping before bringing Kendama toys to the market. They meticulously tested and examined every single aspect of the design to ensure it is the highest-quality product available.

Qiilu Kendama Brand

If you look for mid-level kendamas then Qiilu should be the first choice. Qiilu Kendama Brand is designed for the purposes of practicing the manipulation techniques of kendama. This kendama has a rounded body, which is suitable for beginners. The ball of this kendama is 5 cm in diameter, which is smaller than common kendamas.

They are new on the market but they are producing very good quality Kendama products.

The Qiilu Kendama is the first Kendama to incorporate the new Q-style handle. The Q-style handle is made of plastic. The Q-style handle provides a bit more weight than the traditional wooden Kendama handle, while still maintaining the characteristics that make the Kendama so unique. The Qiilu Kendama provides a classic Kendama experience, while also providing the benefit of playing with a Kendama that is more durable than wood.

The tama (ball) is slightly thicker than other brands but lighter. The cups have a very small hole through which a string may be threaded to prevent slippage. The spike in the base cup makes it easier to perform tricks.

Gloken Kendama Brand

Gloken is the brand name of the original Japanese handmade kendama. Gloken is the product of the Kendama artisans in Japan. With a lot of years of experience, Gloken has the highest quality Kendama products in the world.

Glokend Kendamas are best for right-handed players. The cool designs of Gloken kendamas must blow your mind.

Gloken Kendama is a leading supplier of cool Kendama products, including the traditional Japanese sport toy. The kendamas has an amazing design. Gloken Kendama brand is popular for its smooth texture in the ball. Gloken Kendama also produces an extra string accessory bundle.

There is no doubt Gloken Kendama brand will be in the first place of the Kendama brand. If you have a dream to attend a kendama world cup I will suggest Gloken Kendama. Gloken Kendama is especially for advanced experienced players but they have some great products for beginners too.

Sulab Kendama Brand

Another classic Kendama toy! This Kendama brand is so much popular in Japan and they are producing very high-quality Kendama with traditional unique designs.

Sulab Kendama brand is ideal for new players. Who is new to Kendama can learn different tricks of this brand is also great for skilled Kendama players.

Sulab Kendama brand is very popular in the Kendama community just because of their unique design products. The minimalistic design of tama and stick will blow your mind.

Active Kendama

Do you want to learn how to play with a better kendama and want crazy designs kendama? If so, the Active Kendama brand is the choice for you. It is an ideal choice for those who are just getting started with kendama. The product of this Kendama brand is sturdy and strong, and the string is designed for better grip. It also has a durable ball so you can maximize your performance and skills and become a professional player.

The active kendama is the traditional toy kendama, that has been designed for sporty performance. You can improve your accuracy of balance tricks with these kendamas.

Active Kendamas looks like a traditional toy. It is made with lighter, stronger wood. They have a unique shape that allows you to put more spin on the ball-shaped end. It is lighter weight, but still has the wooden tama, or ball, attached to the string with a thumb spike. The tama, or ball, is smaller than the traditional tama but is made with a harder plastic for more spin.

There is no doubt that the Active Kendama brand is the best toy for Kendama lovers.

Why is Kendama so popular?

Kendama is a popular toy that originated in Japan, and it’s a lot of fun to play with. The fact that Kendama is a toy yet a great workout device is a testament to its versatility. Kendama is a form of juggling or “yo-yo” play, where you use a board to juggle. For this activity, you will use your arms, hands, and feet to play with the Kendama.

It is not hard to understand why kendama became popular in Japan. Kendama, in Japanese, was originally used as a training tool for young children. It allowed them to develop coordination and hand-eye coordination while developing their balance skills, motor skills, cognitive skills.

Why is Kendama so popular

What kind of Kendama should You buy?

It depends on your skill level. If you are new to kendama you should go for the one which has the small ball and tama. 

What kind of Kendama should You buy

There are many different types of Kendamas, so it’s hard to say what kind of Kendama you should get. However, there are some things to consider when buying a Kendama.

The type of wood used, the size of the disk on the top of the Kendama, and how much weight is needed will all factor into choosing which player’s Kendama you should get.

One should buy a Kendama that is easy to grip and performs well in its given environment. One should also consider the quality of the materials used to produce their Kendama so they can be assured of durability.

Kendamas are typically made with either wood or metal, so one must buy one that is comfortable in their hands and performs well in any given environment.

Also, you have to check the combination of design, brush paint design of a kendama before buying one. Check the string hole carefully. 

How to care for your Kendama?

The Kendama is not an aggressive toy, but it can be used for tricks, so it does need to be taken care of.

Kendamas are not meant to be played with constantly, but more so for occasional use. Kendamas are made of wood and should always be kept in a case when not in use.

How to care for your Kendama

Kendamas are very delicate. They are made of wood, so they are porous, and will absorb moisture if not dried properly. To ensure proper drying, avoid placing your kendama in direct sunlight, or leaving it in the same place without letting it air out. It is also recommended to shake off any excess water after playing before storing it away in a case or bag


Playing Kendama is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. It’s like juggling, only you use your hands instead of your feet. This game is fun for all ages and has many different levels of skill to achieve. Some people have mastered this sport while others are still trying to get better at it. Kendama was originally created in Japan but has spread all over the world. You can find many shops that sell kendamas in almost every city in the world, so if you’re looking for a new hobby, kendama might be right for you!

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