10 Best Kendama Tricks for Beginner to Expert Levels

Kendama is a Japanese toy, originally meant to be a training tool for young kids to learn to use their fingers in a new way. Now the toy has turned into a phenomenon all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. The toy is simple in design, yet it’s a great way to add a new element to your hobby.

Best Kendama Tricks for Beginner

Kendamas are known for being hard to learn, hard to master, and hard to get good at. You can get amazing beginner tricks, but it takes years of practice to get there. Whether you are new to kendamas or an old hand, this kendama tutorial with tricks shows you step-by-step how to improve your skills, learn new tricks, and become the best you can be. We also included the best kendama videos for learning the easy trick of kendama.


How do you master a kendama?

So this is the first thing every beginner player thinks about how can they become masters in kendama. Kendama is a creative game. It is easy for you if you learn the tricks successfully and apply them accurately. Otherwise, it will be tough for you.
You can watch videos online or read this article to know the basic and advanced tricks of learning kendama. Daily practice is the key point of becoming a master in Kendama. We recommend you first buy a beginner-level kendama and then know the basics and then find out which moves are difficult for you. Then practice those every day.

What rules should you follow when playing a game of ken?

The interesting thing about kendama is that you can play it in lots of different ways. Some kendama games are played with one or more balls, while others are played with only kendama sticks. Some are played in teams, while others are played for a score. Some are played with partners, while others are played with friends.
While playing this game you can follow some rules. Here we covered some basic rules of the kendama trick tutorial of playing a game of ken-

  • Earthturn off determines who sets first.
  • The opponent has two chances to match the trick. However, you get 3 attempts if you’re on your last letter.
  • Remember your line and know how to explain it to your competitor if asked. You can also call the trick out beforehand.
  • You should try not to go over ten seconds. Avoid super long lines for spacewalks or cups.
  • No repeat lines against the same opponent.

The first 10 tricks every ken-dama player should learn


Kendamas is a great toy that is easy to grip, fun to throw, great for beginner players who learn Kendama. Kendamas are also great for people with physical disabilities, since they are easy to handle, require no special equipment, and can be customized for specific hand sizes.

While there are many different kinds of kendamas, different types of kendama brands, the most basic shape is most commonly thought of as a triangle with three points.

It is an interesting fact that when you learn the basics of kendama, you’ll find them much easier to play with. The trick is that when you learn kendama it might feel like you’re in the same position as when you start playing kendama. But when you get to the point when you can play, it will make you feel like you’ve known to play for years.


This is the first beginner trick of kendama. Nothing compares to the feeling of getting your first spike. It is easier for people to keep playing if they have success the first time playing kendama. Make your family and friends interested in the spike by teaching them how it works!

Big Cup

Besides Spike, this is the most crucial skill to learn right away. You are about to learn a lot of tricks based on this. Before moving on, become an expert at this trick.

Small Cup

This is another important kendama trick, called the small cup trick. To make this cup easier to reach, you need to focus on your arm positioning. You can practice this trick by hopping from a small to a big cup back and forth. If you are unable to expert this kendama trick, you may feel this is the hardest kendama trick.

Bottom Cup

This is another great trick of the bottom cup, one of the hardest kendama tricks. You have to move forward your arm in a way it isn’t used to. The cup is much harder to learn than any other. Don’t forget to shoot your Spider-Web and you won’t miss it. Watch the video of Kendama USA closely-

Penguin Catch

The main reason for adding the penguin catch to the list is because you still have to challenge yourself even when you are just beginning. Many players start with this cup as a base cup, as it feels more natural. You can use this catch to spice up any combo you are working on when starting out.


Already you have learned some important tricks. Now it’s time to learn your first Tama (ball) trick. One of the great things about kendama is the ability to switch back between the ken and the tama. If you finally manage to land your first airplane, it will feel amazing. You should practice this trick until you can pull it off 7 out of 10 times. You will be able to progress faster if you master this trick well.

Clack Back

This is another new grip. This grip is called Sara Grip. In kendama, this grip is used the least, but it can be used to perform some tricks. It’s all about fun when you use a crack-back trick. Depending on your preference, you can click it hard or soft. You can make it fun and creative by just having fun.

Earth Turn

Wow, so if you have practiced all the tricks successfully then you already came to the place where some tricks will make your game simple and easy. Earth Turn becomes your new best friend once you master the spike. Try to add earth turn every time you get the spike or complete a combo. Practicing and figuring out the timing will only make it easier.


This is definitely one of the goofiest grips for kendama. A beginner can hone in on this trick even though it looks odd. This trick is often included in beginner games and contests.

Big Cup Spike

It is vital that you get good at spiking the kendama from all of the cups before you can move beyond the beginner moves and combos. This is one of the most important cups to spike in the future.

To learn kendama these first 10 tricks will be beneficial for all types of beginner players. If you practice them step by step then everything will be easy for you and you will never find any hardest kendama tricks.

Best Kendama Tricks for Beginners in 2023

Best kendama tricks in the world

You can find many tips and tricks by searching for kendama tricks on Youtube. Youtube is the best place for a kendama tutorial. No matter which Kendama brands you are using, all are the same. Here we have collected some best kendama tricks in the world based on kendama tricks on Youtube.

Magic Tricks

This video will show the top 10 best magic tricks of Kendama. Watch the video and learn them one by one.

Coin Tricks

Coin tricks are one of the most popular tricks in Kendama, but the easiest multiple coin tricks are the easiest to teach, but hard to learn. Prior to this video, we had not really seen other videos showing coin tricks.

Below we have added another great video that will help you to be the mast in Kendama. 

Easiest kendama tricks

If you’re looking for some easy Kendama tricks, then look no further. These are all the easiest Kendama tricks you’ll ever learn. Learn the basics of the Kendama and the easiest kendama tricks you can do.

What is the hardest kendama trick?

We all love watching Kendama videos, but what about playing them? If you haven’t tried Kendama yet, now is the time! It’s easy to learn, fun to play, and it doesn’t require any special equipment.

It’s hard to go wrong with a kendama trick called “spider” or “Bottom cup”. If you cannot adopt these tricks well the game will seem to you very dull. Practice these tricks as much as you can.

How best to prepare for string tricks?

Another great and important trick is the kendama string trick. There are a lot of ways you can be an expert in the kendama string tricks. Let’s watch the video of kendama string tricks and be the expert.

In summary, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to master the skill of kendama. It is a great time for Kendama. Kendama is a great toy that is suitable for all ages, and especially the younger generation. It is a great way to learn tricks that you can then show off. You can even become the next world champion!

You can check our best kendama review article to buy your first kendama. We researched 70+ Kendama toys on the market and picked the best one for you.

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