The 12 Best Magnetic Speed Cube in 2023

Magnetic speed cubes are one of the most popular puzzles in the world. Magnetic cubes are unique in that they have no friction, so you can slide them around with ease. They are also easier to put together than traditional puzzles because all the pieces are magnetic. Best for people who want to build their own puzzle cube, they are not as difficult as regular speed cubes, but still give a good challenge!

These cubes are fun to play with at home, but they are even more fun when you put them together into a single puzzle. These magnetic speed cubes come in 6 pieces that will fit together without the need for glue or tape. The puzzle cube is 4 inches on each side and has an 8mm thickness.

Best Magnetic Speed Cube

For every cube that is reviewed on this blog, we try to compare it with the world’s best speed cubes. This means we look at how fast it can go, and what is its size and shape. With all these factors considered, we give our verdict on the best magnetic speed cube.

Is a magnetic speed Cube better?

In a magnetic speed cube, every turn is accompanied by a slight click caused by magnets, improving stability and reducing overshoots. As a result, corner-cutting can be better since the cube is at looser tension. This makes the puzzle more difficult to solve, and therefore harder to memorize.

A magnetic speed cube is also a great tool for learning how turns work in 3D puzzles. By using this method, you can learn how different algorithms will play out with just one turn at a time. This is a great way to learn how algorithms work and is something that cannot be done with any other type of puzzle.

The shape of the cube has a very important effect on performance. If you have ever played with normal speed cubes, then you know that they can have some trouble turning in the corner. The reason for this is that the corners are looser than the center of the cube, so they tend to stick and not rotate properly.

The magnetic speed cubes solve this problem by using magnets to prevent any turning in the corner while allowing them to turn freely on every other axis.

What is the best magnetic speed cube?

So as to get the best cubing experience all the time, we always everyone (not just only me) try to find the best magnetic speed cube purchasing so that it long last. Best cube has the uniqueness to perform well and provides you a smooth experience. There are various speed cube manufacturers on the internet today who produce the best cubes every time. Here is the 12 best magnetic speed cube list in 2023 that we have reviewed.

Monster Go Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube

Main features: Simple to use and fun for all ages. Outstanding balance, easy to spin, no scratching problems. Made of ABS plastic, which is eco-friendly.

Monster Go Magnetic 3x3 Speed Cube

This is a Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube from Monster Go. It is made from eco-friendly plastic and is free from phthalates and lead. Whether you want to gift it to your children or use it for your friends, this cube is great.

The classic color scheme, a magnetic 3×3 speed cube is made with eco-friendly plastic. Its mechanism is based on the technology of GAN, a brand that offers top-class cubes to break speedcubing world records. While the quality remains amazing, it has a brand new color scheme, not-falling-apart body, and anti-scratch surfaces that fit the naughtiest kids. With a lifesaving tutorial, when your kids ask for a solution, this cube is a great gift idea for your kids and for cube beginners.

It’s only 4.2 ounces and 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches which shapes more lightweight for competitive practices.

Positive Things

  • You can solve the cube with a single hand, making this a good gift for beginners.
  • It has two different colors to choose from and is made of eco-friendly plastic.
  • The stickerless surface makes it easier to clean up after your kids have been playing with it.

Negative things

  • This cube is only for 6 to 72 years old recommended by manufacturers. So, It is not a good option for 3 or 4 years kids.

CuberSpeed Moyu Meilong 3×3 M Magnetic Speed Cube

Main feature: At a fraction of the cost, this magnet provides great performance and a medium/light magnetic feel.

Comes with a frosted plastic and vibrant stickerless bright shades.

CuberSpeed Moyu Meilong 3x3 M Magnetic Speed Cube

The number two magnetic speed cube is Moyu meilong. This Moyu 3×3 Speed Cube with Magnet (Exquisite Edition) with bright stickerless shades is the latest Moyu 3×3 speed cube released. It is the second cube in the new Moyu “Exquisite Edition” series, following the Moyu Aosu Speed Cube. The speed cube is packaged in a nice windowed box, with an instruction booklet, a Moyu cubing card, and a Moyu sticker. The cube itself comes fully assembled, but does have some small defects. The cube is quite fast right out of the box, with some excellent corner-cutting. The magnets are quite strong, but not too strong. They feel nice and clicky, which some people might prefer it.

However, the Moyu meilong is a wonderful 3×3 Speed Cube from Cuberspeed. It offers great performance and a smooth feel at a fraction of the cost of other magnetic cubes! If you are searching for a budget-friendly magnetic speed cube then moyu would be your second choice in order to fulfill your cubing practices. It’s really fast with wonderful controlling activity and really nice hand feeling – the magnet strength has a nice tactility and click when turning, even fast that I like. Everyone should try this cube. The frosted plastic is subtle and I haven’t had any grip issues.

It’s only 3.84 ounces and 3.39 x 2.56 x 2.52 inches, Overall, it is a good cube for casual players who just want to play around with it.

Positive Things

  • smooth turning and a lightweight feel.
  • carryable to anywhere that fits in the pocket.
  • good texture and the lubrication is good.

Negative things

  • Should have a little more heft.
  • Magnets should be stronger.

Coogam Cyclone Boys 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Main feature: Comes with a stunning box. unique slot design. magnets’ positions are more precise. safe abs material. vivid color.

Coogam Cyclone Boys 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Coogam is a company that focuses on magnetic speedcubing. They produce the best magnetic speed cubes in the market today, and we are proud to be the exclusive better of the Cyclone Boys 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube. This version of the Cyclone Boys 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube has been optimized for magnetization and is the successor to the previously released Cyclone Boys 3×3 Speed Cube. Out of the box, this 3×3 magnetic speed cube has amazing corner cutting and smooth turning like the previous two. Difficult to pop and super durable with vibrant colors. Definitely, a good choice for you to improve your personal record. This 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube can foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory. Indeed, It’s a suitable cube for 3 years up and comes in a standard size. 

Who does not love to enjoy hours of fun with their family and friends? whether you are a novice in the magnetic version or a professional player cyclone boys magnetic speed cube is going to be premium cube one. This product is constructed from original ABS material which is non-toxic and safe for humans. Smooth to turn and play with. So, In case you are searching for a popular cube in the market today then this is the third choice.

Its smooth turning and fast speed are going to be highly appreciated by all. This product has magnetized sides which will give you the ultimate performance in solving the cube.

Positive Things

  • Great stability perfect corner cutting, tension adjustable.
  • Internal core design with a honeycomb structure reduces friction significantly.
  • This is an aesthetic gift that does not require any additional configuration or tweaking to work perfectly and smoothly.
  • A good choice for beginners and professionals.

Negative things

  • Should be softer.

GAN 356 M, 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Main feature: Comes with GAN Bag, Box, GES set, and tutorial. Splendid Corner-Cutting. 2 travel distances, and 4 types of tensions. Comes with 48 magnets, and all are visible.

GAN 356 M, 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

GAN356 M air is a mid-priced speed cube from GAN. GAN as a brand is the world’s most successful speedcubing brand with the most loyal fans all over the world. GAN356 air is a flagship model of Gans new GES system. GAN356 M is a plastic core cube with visible magnets embedded. It feels a bit lighter and a bit tighter compared to Gans flagship GAN356.”

GAN 356 M is the official cube of the World Cubing Association, which means that it is fully certified and can be used in all international competitions. The 356M has a Newly redesigned Air-Skeleton which is very light and airy. Hardly any other cube on the market weighs as little as the Air UM at only 7.4 grams.

The cube is also the first cube to use the new GES nuts & bolts, which are more durable than the old ones. This is definitely one of GAN’s best cubes ever!

An excellent choice for speedcubers, as it is very stable and forgiving, and it becomes even better after breaking in.

With the latest version of GAN, there is no need for any tool to adjust the cube. With your fingers, turn the core nut clockwise/counter-clockwise by pushing it towards the center. By doing so, you can adjust the tension to 0.6/0.8 or remove the nut to replace it with another GES.

Positive Things

  • All pieces are designed to prevent corner twisting & pops while maintaining an exceptional corner-cutting ability, so even at high speed, they maintain the best performance.
  • Increase longevity by improving smoothness and enhancing upgrades.
  • With the Honeycomb surface inside, the feet maintain the best corner cutting, anti-pop, and anti-twist properties.
  • love the seamless contact surface with screw and snap joints!

Negative things

  • No adjustment tool is included, and tuning is done by hand.

YJ Yulong 2M Magnetic Speed Cube

Main features: There is decent corner-cutting on the forward side and a line-to-line reverse on the other side. Updated designed. Perfect gift for a classical puzzle game lover.

YJ Yulong 2M Magnetic Speed Cube

The YJ Yulong V2 M is a budget-friendly, magnetic 3×3 from YJ. This cube features an updated design from its predecessor with more ridges on the edges and corners and slots for the magnets. The magnets make the cube slightly slower and more forgiving, but it will still corner cut like a champ and give you that satisfying tactile click. If you want a high-performance cube at a low price, this is it.

The YJ Yulong V2M is a magnetic 3×3 cube composed of high-quality ABS plastic. It has an overall smooth feel and great corner-cutting. The magnets that come pre-installed in the cube are strong and durable but can be replaced with stronger magnets for an even more stable feel. This is the magnetic version of the YJ Yulong 3×3. The cube is relatively stable but is not for beginners. The cube is light enough to be thrown around easily. The YJ Yulong V2M makes great popular speed cubes today.

Positive Things

  • Very lightweight so carriable to anywhere.
  • comes with material and works well at turning points.
  • Magnetic cube with a budget-friendly price.
  • recommended age is 3 years up, so anyone can use it.

Negative things

  • some sprig little noisy.

CuberSpeed QiYi MS 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Main features: Amazing corner cutting and smooth turning. The tension is adjustable and difficult to pop. Eco-friendly abs material.

CuberSpeed QiYi MS 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

The brand new QIYI MS magnetic speed cube is here! The MS is the latest release from the brand CuberSpeed series and is also the latest speedcubing cube in the QiYi MoFangGe lineup.

This 3×3 comes out of the box with a factory lubricated core, glueless stickers, and has a special Frosted Surface which is a brand new material from QiYi. This offers improved texture and avoids damage from scratches, while also being more vivid and easy to recognize. The Qiyi Ms has a magnetic core which allows for a faster and more stable feel. Indeed, This is a great cube for beginners and is a fantastic choice for a first-time speed cube.

Positive Things

  • Outstanding quality and performance.
  • design is very nice and attractive to look at.
  • comes with material and works well at the turning points.

Negative things

  • Plastic surface.

D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS V2 M Magnetic Speed Cube

Main features: Magnetical material. Come pre-lubricated and tensioned. Superb rotation. Comes with a stunning designed box.

D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS V2 M Magnetic Speed Cube

Not only is the Moyu Weilong GTS2M a breathtaking cube in terms of its performance, but it also looks stunning. A well-positioned grip is provided by the GTS2M by placing magnets along the edges and corners. These have been the most successful magnets after many trials. Providing more accuracy and comfort to the cube, all magnets are carefully and professionally placed.

Furthermore, the Moyu Weilong GTS2M has a very thick and stable core which is made of the same material as the traditional Moyu cubes. The result is a much better feel in each turn. In addition to this, this cube is able to achieve fast speeds of 45 degrees. The Moyu Weilong GTS2M is a must-have for any speedcuber.

Positive Things

  • Looks outstanding and sturdy.
  • Comes with a magnet set, stickers, lubricant cube, etc.
  • Perfectly designed to give you the best feeling ever in a good speedcubing experience.

Negative things

  • Some people may find the magnet core a little bit too thick.
  • It is not very fast compared to other cubes of this price range.

YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube

Main feature: Comes with a strong magnet feel and Florian style pieces. scratch proof.

YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube

This magnetic 7×7 from YJ is budget-friendly and made from durable materials. Despite its size, this puzzle matches the performance of even the most competitive magnetic speed cubes!

There’s something to be said about this 7×7 that has a medium/strong magnet feel, so anyone who plays it should be pleased!

A multifaceted development can improve your child’s sense of space and enhance their memory, relieve the working pressure of adults, and prevent a decline in memory of the elderly. With this classic puzzle game, your kids won’t be watching TV or playing on their iPads for long.

Giving someone a cube can be an amazing experience, especially if it’s the first time they’ve ever held one. With its elegant look and sturdy build, this cube is sure to be a favorite among your friends and family!

Positive Things

  • This 7×7 features an easy setup that allows you to switch between standard cubes.
  • It comes with 6 different color stickers.
  • It has an easy-to-use anti-pop mechanism that prevents the cube from popping during turns.

Negative things

  • Some people may find the stickers too hard to put on.
  • It does not come with a stunning glass box or case to store it in, but this is easily remedied by purchasing one separately.

GAN 460 M Speed Cube Magnetic Master Cube

Main features: There is a noticeable difference in 96 magnets. Each magnet is tightly locked into the capsule so it can no longer fall out. 40°/25° corner-cutting ability is optimized to the best degree. stronger anti-POP abilities.

GAN 460 M Speed Cube Magnetic Master Cube

The GAN 460 M cube is the 4×4 magnetic cube from Gan. The “M” means Master. The cube was released four years ago. It is part of the GAN Speed Cube series, which means that it is very fast, but not as fast as the GAN 356 Air.

The cube is very smooth, almost buttery. The cube has a light sandy feel to it. The cube is very fast and very durable. The cube has a lot of catching up to do if you are looking for a cube with a really light feel to it, but the cube is much more durable.

Positive Things

  • The cube is very fast, and the magnets are not too strong.
  • Magnetic cubes are one of the most popular types of cubes on this list.
  • This cube is great for people who do speedcubing because they have a lot of catching up to do if they want to get faster.
  • The cube is also very durable, and the magnets are not too strong.

Negative things

  • The GAN 460 M Speed Cube Magnetic Master Cube may be too fast for people who are looking for a really light feel in their cubes, but if you want something that is fast and durable, this cube may be for you a fantastic puzzle.

GAN Skewb, Magnetic Speed Cube

Main features: Available in 2 versions. (8 magnets & 32 magnets). Comes with many accessories- a GAN storage bag, GAN box V3, and Tuning instructions.

GAN Skewb Magnetic Speed Cube

This cube has a very smooth feel to it. The magnets are strong enough that the cube can be put in a case, but they are not too strong, so the cube will still snap back into shape if you let go of it.

Magnetic cubes have been around for years, and this is one of the most popular types of cubes on this list. The cube is a bit faster than average, but not too fast.

GAN’s new flagship model, GAN Skewb, is the world’s most lightweight magnetic speed cube, with only 81 grams! It features 32 magnets inside the core to make sure each corner has a powerful magnetic pull. The GAN Pro version also has the option to tune the turning feel to your preference with four different magnet positions per axis, giving you 24 configurations in total! The GAN team spent over one year developing the GAN Skewb, and it has overcome all expectations to become not only the lightest skewb in the world, but also the extremely smooth, fast, and controllable.

The GAN Skewb is constructed with a brand new GES PRO design, which stands for GAN Engagement System.

Positive Things

  • The cube is very smooth and catches well when you need to catch up to other people in speedcubing.
  • The cube is very durable, and the magnets are not too strong.
  • The cube is great for people who want to get faster at speedcubing.

Negative things

  • Not eco-friendly.

Jurnwey magnetic speed cube

Main features: It has two quick layers, making it much faster than other speed cubes. Lightweight, suitable for children, doesn’t tire you out after a long practice period.

Jurnwey magnetic speed cube

The cube is also known as “Hengshan” (横山), meaning the mountain in Hengshan District of Zhejiang Province.

The Jurnwey Speed Cube is guaranteed to be the best you can find. It is the overall best performance speed cube for its amazing turning and smoothness. It turns fast, but controllable. Many people will be interested in how fast the Jurnwey Speed Cube can be solved. Therefore, Brand Jurnwey designed this Jurnwey Speed Cube to be broken down into eight smaller cubes. Each cube is the same length as the original Jurnwey Speed Cube, so it can be taken apart, but you can put it back together.

The Jurnwey Speed Cube has four sides with eight stickers each, so there are thirty-two stickers total. There are two different shades of each color, so there are sixty-four. The cube is made of ABS plastic, so it can be used in competitions. The Jurnwey Speed Cube is manufactured by Brand Jurnwey, which makes the product very reliable and durable.

Positive Things

  • It turns really fast! This cube has a very smooth turning feel, and it is extremely fast.
  • It can be taken apart into eight smaller cubes for transport purposes.

Negative things

  • Not too good plastic.

GAN 354 M v2 Magnetic Speed Cube

Main features: Magnets-Locking Design, Airfoil GANscore, Extreme Corner-Cutting, Anti-Cornertwist & Anti-POP, Hidden Seam Design, Numerical nut

GAN 354 M v2 Magnetic Speed Cube

The GAN 354 is a magnetic speed cube developed by GAN Speed Cubes. This small gadget is compatible with most speed cube lubricants and is designed with a lighter and more compact body. It’s the ideal choice for those who only seek to challenge themselves and improve their own records.

This cube is very good for speedcubing competitions. The GAN 354 M v2 is the latest version of the world-famous GAN Speed Cube series, widely used by speedcubing enthusiasts. It features a smaller size that makes it better for one-handed solving and great for cubers with smaller hands. The M v2 is also more stable, and durable, and is packed with features that allow you to set up the cube for personal preferences, making it more controllable and professional.

Positive Things

  • GAN354’s core is now made of plastic, so it is lightweight and stable; GES’ tension adjustment system uses a numerical tuning system, making it possible to set the tension to specific levels (0.6 or 0.8) without any tools at all.

Negative things

  • No charging base

What other factors should I consider when buying a speed cube, such as weight, material, surface finish, etc.?

The main factor that differs is weight, material, and surface. here are the details in a nutshell:

1. Weight: If you are a beginner, it is best to get a cube that weighs less than 80 grams. However, if you want to challenge yourself and improve your records, then go for one that weighs more than 100 grams. The heavier the cube, the better it will feel.

2. Material: Most cubes are made of ABS plastic, which is considered the best material for building speedcubes. However, if you want to experiment with other materials, then go for another type of plastic or wood (e.g., MDF). Also, make sure that your cube is made of a material that allows the cube to be fixed on the table.

3. Surface finish: Some cubes are smoother than others, and some have a rougher surface that gives you more grip. Also, different types of plastics can also give off different smells or scents, so you should pay attention to that.

4. Cubing Style: Some cubes are designed for speedcubers who prefer turning clockwise and others for cubers who prefer turning counterclockwise. The best type of cube is the one that fits your preference and personality, so choose the cube that suits your needs.

Will magnets improve a Rubik’s cube’s performance? 

Yes. The magnets are simply for decoration and have an effect on the cube’s speed or performance. A speedcuber always tries to train his hands in such a way to move as rapidly as possible in order to achieve the completion of times. It works like this- Be quick at thinking and quick-moving! The new improved design has used magnets to add more to add stability and performs as a positioning system so that the Cube can be aligned for each twist and less fiddly turn.

Which are the best brands of speed cubes?

The best brands of speed cubes are cube speed Moyu, monster go, and GAn 356 M V2. However, the main thing is to find a cube that suits your own personal preference, if you can’t decide then try them all out in a shop or online!

How much should I spend on my first speed cube, and what kind of quality should it have?

For the first time in speed cube, it is recommended to spend no more than $20.00 (excluding shipping). The main thing you need to consider is whether you want a top-quality cube that will last for many years or one that will break after just a few months of use. There are many brands available in the market and of course, you should purchase the one that suits your budget.

Is it better to buy used or new?

Of course, you should buy the new one. But when it comes to the learning process and being new to the cube world then you should consider yourself buying the used magnetic cube. But whenever you are about to reach a professional level and ready for a challenge with your friends, then you should buy the speed cube.

Which speed cube is better: stickered or stickerless? 

Stickered cubes are offered by some brands, while other brands provide both variations, but it does not adversely affect performance. When using a cube for a long time, it would be highly recommended to get a stickerless cube.

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