The Best 8 Speed Cube Lubricants to Enhance Your Favorite Speed Cube in 2023

Speed cube lubricants are something that is often overlooked by speedcubers. Many players simply apply vaseline to their cubes on the day of the competition which is not the right thing. Vaseline has been used on speedcubers for many years and has proven to be effective in many competitions. However, it often takes time for the vaseline to dry, and on some cubes, it is not completely dry on the day of competition, so there can be some friction. Another major issue with vaseline is that it can be messy to apply to the cube, and on some cubes, it can be difficult to get it through all the cracks, especially on the edges.

The solution to applying lubricant to the cube is to lube the cube in the correct manner. 

Best Speed Cube Lubricants

If you aren’t aware of buying a speed cube, some lubricant may damage your favorite magnetic speed cube and edge piece, and of course, it is dangerous. This article covers the best Rubik’s cube lubes and where to use them depending on your goal. So, let’s get started with the best lube for speed cubes. I will now reveal which 8 best speed cube lubes are right for you as a pro speedcuber.

As the popularity of speed cubes increased, the speedcubers looked to make turning easier and more enjoyable. Eventually, they discovered WD-40 and Vaseline, which are now outdated lubricants. By reducing friction between the puzzle pieces, these lubricants make their gameplay more enjoyable. After a few days of sitting inside a puzzle, these early lubricant solutions began to degrade the plastic and needed to be removed.

Moreover, there are many speed cube lubes available today that are much more user-friendly, removing the need to clean out the puzzle after a few days in a puzzle. A lot of lubricants are silicone-based, although some of them, like stardust, are water-based instead.

Is there a difference between oil and grease, and which one should you use for your speed cube?

Are there other chemicals one should use for lubricants that can damage or ruin your cube? I’ve compiled a list of the best speed cube lubes, including their pros and cons.

Whenever you’re playing with yo-yos this pastime comes in handy because once the strings are coiled up it’s very hard for multiple fingers to get them all twisted together quickly enough so you have at least two hands-frees while also being able to grip the yo-yo and not drop it. I’ve relied on this trick before—I got tired of constantly stopping to rewind my YoYoFactory Spinner because the single-handed operation was too slow, so I started coiling up both my fingers as efficiently as possible while simultaneously winding up the string with two or three other fingers.

Almost all speed cube lubes except those containing silicone are non-toxic and generally safe for use by children under 12 years old due to their lack of toxicity towards humans. However, there is still a small minority that contains hazardous chemicals such as VOCs, which should be avoided at all costs. Some people have even gone as far as using their fingers to rub a non-polluting cube lube on the sides of a plastic speed cube because other safety options weren’t available and/or they felt extreme pain from shaking it by hand for 10 minutes.

What are the differences between oil and grease lubrication for Speed Cube Lubricants?

Being familiar with both chemicals is very important before you start applying them or if you’re just curious, chances are that one may appeal more to your taste than the other would – particularly if it’s been a while since you last used either of them.

For each chemical, I’ve linked the best way to buy it online (Amazon has always been my first go-to purchase, but you never know who else may do better). Otherwise, I used what I had at home which turned out to be mostly soy/vegetable-based products or hand sanitizer options.

During summertime, all of them should work equally well as long as they’re kept around room temperature without getting too cold – especially for those people with smaller hands like me (6″ instead of 7 1⁄2″).

Oils tend not to melt plastics since they aren’t as volatile, but grease from petroleum-based grease will be difficult to apply since it gets stuck together with plastic. If your cubes and their edge piece look dirty, use a paper towel to remove the excess oil and then let them sit overnight for properly drying before continuing to wipe the remaining dirt off of the sides using another dry clean tissue (paper towels may transfer oils where you don’t want them).

HC: Likely good enough to store in pouches etc., less messy than oiling previously cleaned plastics: warm water + dish soap 3% hydrogen peroxide 1/2 tsp dishwashing detergent 5 drops lemon essential oil coconut oil, olive oil, or peanut butter grease.

HCI: High-quality plastic products produced by companies with ethical policies against the exploitation of workers and other similar concerns. This is what I’ve used on harder plastics e.g., Lego playing cards, zip drives, etc.: 1 tbsp dishwashing detergent + 3% hydrogen peroxide 2-3 cotton balls prepared damp for application Warm water – probably best to be repeated multiple times until good contact has been made.

The instant you’re satisfied that the two chemicals have bonded enough to not let go just soak it up. Moreover, don’t be afraid to saturate the item, as you don’t want it to be too wet. If you’re still not satisfied, repeat the process with more detergent and peroxide. If your item is made of a material that’s not compatible with this method (e.g., ABS plastic), I’d recommend using some kind of oil first before applying this method.

Which one is better: liquid or solid lubricant for speed cube?

Liquid lubricant is faster while its solid form will not melt once applied under the cube. This actually corresponds to how it works in real life, so there’s no rush here. I would recommend for users who know what they are doing with their speed cubes to use grease filament instead of liquid oil because you can directly attach it where your inner product parts meet without waiting for them to separate enough before applying glue or sewing cloth on top of that adhesive film.

With this method, both sides do integrate into each other well! Except when you just want smooth contact between the hinges of your cube’s pieces, which can be achieved by applying some oil or hot glue on the hinges of the stickers that are already present there than keeping everything else intact.

What is the best speed cube lubricant?

Your lucky cube must be taken care of if you want it to remain alive. So, what should you do? Maintain a healthy cube to prevent lockups. 

Below you will learn about some of the best cube lubes you can try in order to keep your cube maintained, lock-up-free, and ready to compete. You don’t have to ask yourself anymore what is the best speed cube in the world right now as I am providing 08 Best speed cube lube lists

D-FantiX Gan Speed Cube Set Lube Professional Speed Cube

Best for Long Use

In Stock


D-FantiX Gan Speed Cube Set Lube Professional Speed Cube

  • If you are looking for a professional quality it will be best for you.
  • It is best for smooth turning.
  • Perfect consistensy.
  • The lubricants is not harmful for your body.
Buy on Amazon

This is a common speed cube lubricant used by many speedcubers. D-FantiX Gan Lube Professional Speed Cube Lube can effectively improve turning speed, reduce the noise of the cube, and is the only speed cube lubricant that is officially certified by the speed cube manufacturers.

The special liquid can effectively reduce the friction and the noise of the rotation of the cube and makes the cube more stable and fast. Keep in mind you need to use fast lube to speed up your old cube.

You can improve your speed cube times by using D-FantiX Speed Cube Lubricant. Using it reduces friction, increases cube turning speed, and improves smoothness. A convenient dropper makes it easy to apply this lube to speed cubes. Lubricating other gears and parts can also be done with it and this standard silicone lube will make your toy so smooth.

For smooth speed cubes, this is the best choice I must say and this is the bestselling cubes lubricant in the market right now.

1x Maru Lube 10 Ml Silicone Oil for Puzzle Cube

Best Water Based Lube

In Stock


1x Maru Lube 10 Ml Silicone Oil for Puzzle Cube

  • The best lubricant for your puzzle cube
  • Maru lube is a water-based lubricant
  • So, it is good for bigger cubes like 4×4, 5×5, etc.
  • It makes the cube fast, but if you overlube, it will feel gummy, so it depends on how you like it
  • It’s enough to have 2-3 drops on your speed cube.
Buy on Amazon

Probably you have learned some advanced method of speedcubing and are now feeling sad about the lubricants of speed cubes. Maru Lube is the best lubricant for speed cubes. It is a silicone-based lubricant that comes in a small bottle of 10ml. It is water-based, so it is safe to use on your speed cube. It does not attract dust or dirt easily and can be used for a long period of time.

Not only does this lube make your cube feel nice and fast, it is easy to wash off, and won’t leave any residue. You’ll be able to keep the cube for a lot longer because of it. It’s a great deal for a small price.

Initially, I thought it would be enough to lube a few cubes. It still has enough space for many more cubes after several cubes have been added. I find that the cubes move more smoothly using this lubricant than using vaseline that gets greasy. I highly recommend this lubrication for a sticky cube! As it is the best lube for the cube.

GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid

Best for Pro Speed Cubers

In Stock


GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid

  • Ideal lubes for your speed cube.
  • Easy to lubricate.
  • Friction-free.
  • Fits all standard speed cubes.
Buy on Amazon

This one is so much popular in the speedcubing community. You will get this very cheaper price.

Want to have the smooth feeling on your old puzzle & need fast speed? For best results, drip 2-3 drops of GoCube on your speed cube pieces and scramble it until the oil is evenly distributed. 

GoCube is great for lubricating your speedcubing gizmo to enhance its performance! Their lubricant is designed to be used on any type of speed cube, including the GoCube, Qiyi, Yongjun, MoFang Jiaoshi, Moyu, Moyu Aolong, ShengShou, YJ, ZhanChi, Qiyi Wuxia, and any other high-end speed cube. After applying your cube will be more fast cubes.

So, if you want to make your speed cube smooth and fast then you need GoCube Speed lube Cube Lubricant! This lubricant is designed specifically for speed cubes and is easy to use. Just add a few drops of the lubricant to the core of the speed cube piece and rub it around using a finger.

Cubicle Labs Silk 10mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

Best for Comforatble Feeling

In Stock

Cubicle Labs Silk 10mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

Cubicle Labs Silk 10mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

  • You can use these lubes for your comfortable feeling.
  • You can use it in any type of cube.
  • Safe and easy to use.
Buy on Amazon

This lubricant provides you with the non-damaging benefits of silicon-based lubricants but with the addition of lasting much longer because of its low evaporation rates, which is really amazing.

I have reviewed the best speed cube lubricant on the market and concluded that Cubicle Labs Silk 10mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant is one of the best. It’s designed for speed cubes of all types and sizes, and it’s easy and safe to use. Simply apply 2 drops inside your puzzle.

Experience the silky feel of their blend of high-quality silicone fluids. Specially designed for speedcubers who want a lubricant that doesn’t wear out quickly.

You should not apply this lube to any metal components of your cube, such as screws, springs, and washers.

Despite the fact that this lube is safe to touch, it must not be ingested, set on fire, or exposed to extremely high temperatures or open wounds.

CuberShop Moyu Speed Cube Lube Set Oil

Best Lube Set

In Stock

CuberShop Moyu Speed Cube Lube Set Oil

CuberShop Moyu Speed Cube Lube Set Oil

  • Want to be faster in cubing? These lubes are perfect for you.
  • Easy to use and safe.
  • Water-soluble lube.
  • This is silicon oil.
Buy on Amazon

The set comes with 3 different types of lubricants: Red Corner Cutting Speed Cube Lube, Black Center Speed Cube Lube, and Purple Center Speed Cube Lube. These lubricants help to bring the cube back to life and shorten the turning time.

Get a set of lube for your cube today! Each bottle contains a different type of lube for your cube. The lubes have different smells, so choose according to your taste. You can choose different lubes for different occasions. A little goes a long way!

The Moyu Lube Set is an essential accessory set for speedcubers. It includes 3 different types of lubricant to help speedcubers pick the one that best fits their solving style. The Moyu Lube V1 is a high-density oil-based lubricant that makes the cube faster and smoother (Similar to V2), and is more durable than V2. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The Moyu Lube V2 is a water-based lubricant that can make the cube much smoother and faster within a short time.

GAN Speed Cube Lube 10ml & Storage Bag

Best for Easy Use

In Stock

GAN Speed Cube Lube 10ml & Storage Bag

GAN Speed Cube Lube 10ml & Storage Bag

  • Just 1 drop of this lube will make your cube fast and smooth.
  • A great choice for pro speed cuber.
  • Perfect for 3*3-speed cube.
Buy on Amazon

Gan magic lube is my utmost choice. GAN Cube Lube 10ml is specifically designed to give you faster and smoother cube rotation. It will bring your cube to the next level. It is easy to carry. You can put it in your bag or even in your pocket, so you don’t need to worry about the cube lube leakage when you are moving.

GAN Speed Cube Lube is indispensable for fast and smooth cube rotation. Please apply the lube into the cube through the center gap after polishing. Please do not apply lube on the surface of the cube.

The good part about this magic lube is it comes with a free bag although the speed cube is not included there. Once the lube has been evenly distributed, scramble it a couple of times.

Cubicle Labs DNM-37 15mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

Best for all types of Cube

In Stock

Cubicle Labs DNM-37 15mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

Cubicle Labs DNM-37 15mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant

  • Water-based lubricant.
  • 15cc Bottle. You can use it 100+ times.
  • You can use it in any type of cubes.
  • Safe and easy to use.
Buy on Amazon

DNM-37 is an advanced speed cube lubricant that works by absorbing moisture from the air and retaining it inside the cube. This allows the lubricant to deliver a smooth, fast experience over a long period of time. This lubricant is designed for speed cubes of all kinds and sizes. Simply apply 2 drops inside your puzzle and let the lubricant work its magic.

Cubicle Labs DNM-37 15mL Professional Speedcube Lubricant is the highest quality, most affordable speed cube lubricant available on the market. Our proprietary formulation has been tried and tested on the largest speed cube manufacturers in the world. When applied to parts, this lubricant performs best.

Stiff cubes won’t break anymore. You can achieve the maximum benefit of DNM-37 by applying it before you start to twist your cube! Once applied, let the lubricant work its magic on your cube for 10 minutes while solving problems at random speeds.

You can apply more whenever necessary or less if you prefer lower friction Cube Lubricants are fast becoming one of the most popular tools in competitive speedcubing today because they deliver satisfying performances for hardcore fans and new cubers alike Cubicle Labs is confident that many problem solvers all over will agree with this idea – thus making them perfect speed cube lube.

GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid – Professional Quality Lubricant for Speed Cubes

Best Oil Mixed Lube

In Stock

GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid - Professional Quality Lubricant for Speed Cubes

GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid – Professional Quality Lubricant for Speed Cubes

  • Oil mixed lubricant.
  • That’s friction-free lubes.
  • Fits all standard speed cubes.
Buy on Amazon

GoCube Speed Cube Puzzle Lubricant Fluid is specifically made for lubricating your speed cubes and to avoid that unpleasant “grip” during speedcubing. The lubricant is easy to use and only needs a few drops. It is made of the highest quality materials and is designed to maintain its viscosity long-term. The lubricant works with all brands and all types of speedcubes. It is also easy to clean and leaves no residue behind.

By applying algorithms while speedsolving, it increases speed and precision, and it lasts longer due to reduced wear and tear. Regardless of the cube, it gives great results and is worth its price even on other cubes. Basically, it gives any cube a premium touch.

Indeed, this lubricant is a great choice for your speed cube. Not only does it reduce the friction between the speed cube’s pieces, but it also extends the lifespan of the cube.

Do you need to clean your speed cube after applying this kind of lubricant to it, and how often should you do that?

 Don’t clean your speed cube too frequently, especially if you prefer to keep it in its original shape. If cleaned from time to time, brush the pieces of the cubes with a soft brush and vacuum cleaner or wipe them gently to check for possible unevenness or stains on CBN’s causing damage. Be sure that all markings are gone before drying out completely.

After cleaning them manually, I recommend using a sponge wetted with water until it dries normally after wiping again because dust left behind will be annoying when cubing at higher speeds where collisions can occur more easily. You should not let this lubricant remain on the speed cube after cleaning or brushing because this could cause some problems if not more.

How should you maintain the cube?

Maintaining your cube is important. You can counter this in several ways.

Lube – No matter how many cubes I am using, I always use Maru Lube. This makes moving the cube easier, and it makes Conor cutting a lot easier.

Petrol Jelly – also known as Vaseline. A cube can be smoothed in this way, but it is not their preferred method. However, Vaseline should not be used in speed cubes, but rather in a Rubik’s cube that has been verified to be an official Rubik’s cube.

In addition to cleaning with a dry cloth once a month, a cube requires other maintenance.

Speed Cube Lube alternatives?

Perhaps a combination of lubricants is right for you. Try solving a specific problem rationally using an experiment. To clean a dirty or sticky cube, the pieces may need to be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly with soapy water and a toothbrush before relubrication.

Silicone lubes cubes are an efficient and popular process using silicon-based lubricants. Silica sprays cover your cube’s plastic with a thin, smooth film of lubricant, allowing it to move more smoothly. This provides a long-lasting cube.

Jig-A-Loo: Lubricant that is used by a lot of cubers. You should, however, disassemble the cube completely to lubricate it and let it dry completely before reassembling to avoid melting plastic. Only available in North America.

Lubix Cube: Silicone oil fluid of high viscosity. The most popular lubricant on the market due to its effective performance. Despite being a little expensive, this lubricant is said to last a very long time and only a tiny amount needs to be applied.

CRC Silicone Spray: There are many cubers that use CRC silicon spray. It is an excellent lubricant. It dries fast, but it is effective. You should use caution because it also eats cubes. You can purchase them at Wal Mart. In Australia, you can purchase them at a hardware store.

Smooth and fast puzzles can be made with water-based lubricants. Unfortunately, these products lose their effectiveness very quickly. To improve the longevity of these products, some manufacturers developed new formulations. This is only recommended for use on plastic surfaces. It is harmful to use them on metal pieces such as screws and springs.

Cubicle Labs DNM-37: Hydrophilic substances in this lubricant improve longevity by attracting moisture from the air.

In addition to petroleum jelly (also used for skin), silicone oils, shock oil, differential oil, and homemade lubricants, Cubes can be lubricated with water-based oil.

How often do you lubricate a Rubik’s cube? 

It depends. On average, most long-term cubers lubricate their cube about once every 2 weeks to help it last longer. As always, if your cube gets really greasy and needs more than this amount of lubrication you should clean off the grease first or take it apart completely before reapplying. To apply lubricant to a puzzle, Drop a couple of drops of lubricant between the pieces of the puzzle by unscrewing the cap of the dropper bottles.

If taking things seriously as a beginning/intermediate level cuber then I would recommend cleaning out any remaining dust particles with isop ropyl alcohol. In addition to this, you might want to look into the different types of lubricants, which may work better for your particular style or preferred speed. Some examples are silicone oil and LUBIX cube from Lubix Cube™ a global leading brand in The USA™ etc…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add glycerin to your Gans 356 Air Speed Cube?

The answer is No! The main reason is that silicone spray-type lubricants are very thin and fluid, which means they would dry up faster which means you would have to lubricate your speed cube more often. Vaseline, vegetable oils, coconut oils, glycerine, silicone sprays, and other local or household products should never be used. These products directly impact the quality of the puzzle. In some cases, your puzzle becomes deformed over time. It is possible to buy Rubik’s cube lubricants online.

Vaseline good lube for a 3×3?

In my personal opinion, it is not. However, if possible, you should use silicone-based lube. It will be able to get a little cleaner with vaseline, but then the plastic will deteriorate.
Brands you may wish to consider are Traxxas 50k, CRC, Jig-a-loo, and Lubix.

Can we use coconut oil to lubricate a cube? 

In truth, coconut oil is quite a good lubricant as it is oxidation resistant, as well as has great lubricity. In fact, it is often used to lubricate greases successfully.
It can also be used to lubricate plastics and elastomers. Unlike canola, rapeseed, or linseed, it will not harden with time. The translucence also prevents it from staining.
For a Rubik’s cube, coconut oil will work just fine. In liquid form, it may be easier to apply. In that case, microwave it.

Can you use boric/carrom powder to lube a Rubik’s cube? 

No. Never mix borax with sodium carbonate, sodium realgar et cetera directly. Boric acid has the chemical formula H3BO(OH)2 and is an inorganic compound, so it cannot be used as a lubricant for plastic components since plastics are organic compounds.

How to make a cube faster without lube?

There are many ways you can speed up the rate of movement on a cube that is already in place. You can add nails, screws or give it more turns (it will be harder).

How long does cube lube last?

It should be last around 3 to 4 months.

Final Words

Speedcubing is fun and for practicing a cube who does not want to have the best cube lube? There are many different options you will have end of the day. But using a cube lube is your choice.

In summary, I recommend using a speed cube lubricant because it makes the process of solving a speed cube faster. I have tried many different lubricants and have found the GoCube lubricant to be the best one overall. It is affordable, easy to use, and it makes a speed cube go fast.

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