Lubricating Your Speed Cube with 5 powerful benefits: The Ultimate Guide in 2023 for novice cubers


Don’t you know about Lubricating your Speed Cube? Speed Cube Lube is an interface oil that speeds up pieces to move through the puzzle. It makes certain cubes, particularly plastic speedcubes tighter for a smoother rolling movement. The result of this is a long time between solves which benefits both performance and play experience!

Moreover, Speed Cube Lube is also a lubricant, so it can be used to reduce friction between pieces.

Lubricating Your Speed Cube

What are the Benefits of Speed Cube Lube?

Speed cube lube helps you solve your speed cubes faster by reducing friction between pieces.

  • You can use it to clean your speed cube (especially for those who don’t like the smell of anti-static spray).
  • It makes your speed cube more responsive.
  • It makes your plastic speed cubes more responsive (there’s a chance of discoloration).
  • You get to save money by not having to buy anti-static spray, use it alongside Speed Cube lube, which helps you solve it faster and faster (and spend less time comparing scores with your friends)!!!
  • A bottle lasts for three months on average if used every week! If somebody catches wind that he has Speed Cube Lube in his bag, he will know how awesome it is!

What is cube lubricant made of?

Cube lubricant is a type of petroleum jelly. It is mostly made up of white petroleum jelly, which contains mineral oil and other oils like soybean oil.

The ingredients in cube lubricant are usually mixed with other substances such as lanolin, castor oil, beeswax, hydrogenated polyisobutene, polyethylene glycol (PEG), or silicone oil.

Different manufacturers of cube lube tend to use different ingredients, which have been tested by our staff for their effectiveness. However, the goal of every lubricant is constant friction reduction so if you want more information on a specific brand please feel free to ask us!

What is Speed Cube Lubricant, and why would I want to use it?


Speed Cube Lubricant is a lubricant meant to make your Speed Cubes run smoother. We recommend it to everyone who enjoys solving their cubes faster because of less hand fatigue. The result of applying lube will be an increase in friction, thus making it easier for you to solve the cube!

Over time, Speed Cube lube will wear off and your cube may feel smoother without applying the lubricant to it again. This is okay since using a new bottle can make your cube “new” once more!

How Do You Lubricate a Rubik’s Cube? -Lubricating Your Speed Cube With Video

Like many other sports equipment, a lubricant is used to make it easier and faster to operate the equipment. In this case, your cube should be much more responsive which will result in an increase in speed.

Lubricating your Rubik’s Cube does not mean that you have done something wrong if the cubie-magic still fails over time despite using cube lubes!

Lubricating your cube is effective, but you should still be able to solve it without the lubricant. The best way of doing so would be by challenging yourself with harder cubes or more opens, both ways will result in an increase in speed that will eventually solve any difficulties.

Rubik’s Cubes can be lubricated in two different ways depending on the part of the cube that needs to be lubricated:

Remove one piece of the Rubik’s Cube to lubricate the entire Cube.

In order to lubricate the Rubik’s Cube core, you must disassemble all the pieces.

Detailed instructions of Lubricating Your Speed Cube

Rubik’s Cube lubrication requires the following items:

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • A cloth or disposable paper towel
  • The appropriate lubricant
  • A prying tool (optional)

The First Method: Removing only one piece of the Rubik’s Cube

  • The first step is to place the Rubik’s Cube on a disposable towel to absorb any spills.
  • Rotate one side of the Rubik’s Cube 45 degrees to make it easier to remove an edge piece. A prying tool or your fingers can then be used to push out the edge piece. Depending on the Cube brand, removing an edge piece may be easy or difficult.
  • Then, add a few drops of lubricant to the groove created by the edge piece.
  • Next, the edge piece can be fitted back into the Cube.
  • The Rubik’s Cube can then be rotated so that the lubricant spreads throughout it. As a result, it should feel smoother and faster.
  • To finish up, wipe down the Rubik’s Cube to remove any excess lubricant and leave it to sit for a few minutes to allow the lubricant to dry before you use it again.

The Second Method: Disassembling the entire Rubik’s Cube

Compared to the first method, the second method takes longer to complete, since it involves disassembling the Cube.

  • To remove an edge piece, first, rotate one side of the Rubik’s Cube 45 degrees and then pry it out with your fingers or a prying tool.
  • In the second step, the entire Cube must be disassembled piece by piece after you remove the edge piece. The Rubik’s Cube should easily come apart after a few pieces have been removed.
  • When all the pieces have been removed, you will see the core. It is possible to apply Lubricant to each screw connecting the centerpieces to the core.
  • The screws can be revealed by pulling the centerpieces away from the center and adding one or two drops of lube. Make sure the lubricant also reaches the springs by pulling the centerpieces in and out.
  • The Cube core can be carefully reassembled after all the parts have been oiled. You only need a few drops of lube to get the job done.
  • Paper towels can be used to wipe off excess lubricant from the Rubik’s Cube’s surfaces.

A speedcuber’s success depends in part on their ability to lubricate themselves. The right Rubik’s Cube lubricant is determined through trial and error because every Cube and owner are different. For speedcubers, it’s also important to schedule a regular lubrication routine for their Rubik’s Cube at the appropriate intervals.

Can You use boric/carrom powder to lube a Rubik’s cube?

Yes, boric acid is an effective lubricant for a Rubik’s cube. It can be used to reduce friction on the edges of the cubes and between the layers.

Boric acid also helps with preventing wear and tear on your cube as well as making it last longer. It is good for your cube in comparison to washing liquid or dish soap which can damage the finish of your cube. You can also use boric acid to fine-tune your cube’s difficulty.

To apply boric acid, rub it into the tips of the gear motions with a clean cloth or paper towel. It will almost immediately begin to dissolve at room temperature and requires no exposure to any kind of light source. The lube should then be reapplied anytime that you are about ready for your next solving session in order for maximum benefits.

Every corner of your cube should be lubed with boric acid. Make sure to rub the entire side of the cube while doing so, starting at one corner and ending in a completely clean spot all on top of itself. Some cubes have smoother surfaces than others due to how it is manufactured internally by their builders.

To prevent excess dripping from occurring from applying too much boric acid you can use an elastic band around the outside edges of each shape- also atop of itself- to cinch down your cube.

Can we use coconut oil to lubricate a cube?  

Lubricating Your Speed Cube

This is a tough question and we can’t give you an exact answer. However, we can give you some of the benefits of using coconut oil for this purpose.

Coconut oil has been used as a cooking medium for centuries and it is still popular in many parts of the world because it’s rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, lauric acid, beta-sitosterol, capric acid, and saturated fat.

It also helps to lubricate Rubik’s cubes by providing better slip resistance than most other oils or lubricants that are commonly used.

Is speed cube lubricants dangerous to health?

It is not advisable to use any type of lubricant with metal on a metal joint as it can damage the joint.

However, this does not mean that cube lube is dangerous for health. Speed Cube lubricants are not considered to be dangerous because they do not contain oils or solvents.

Some speed cube lubricants can cause skin irritation, which is why you should apply a thin layer of lotion before playing with the speed cube.

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