The 11 Best Speed Cube Reviews in 2023

With speedcubing gaining popularity day by day, there are now more cubes on the market than ever. I have created this ultimate cube buying guide in order to help you not only to choose the best speed cube but also to discover what makes a good cube and how to choose it.

For those who are totally new to cubes, it is best to read the cube buying guide before looking at the actual cubes below.

Best Speed Cube

Speedcubing is a very complex game and one that requires the player to plan their moves ahead. For this reason, speed cubs are often very expensive. This can make them difficult to buy, especially if you know nothing about the game. gif maker

This buying guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that new cubers usually fall into.

How do you choose a good speed cube?

Speed cubes are small, but they’re also small enough to fit in your pocket. And that means they’re always with you, ready for some quick-flicking fun. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking for when you’re shopping for a speed cube.

How do you choose a good speed cube

A good speed cube will provide a stable and smooth turning experience. We should consider the following things before buying:


1. Stability: The cube should be very stable, so it doesn’t wobble around too much when you try to turn it.

2. Stiffness: The cube should not be so soft that the corners will easily pop out of place when you turn them with your fingers.

Corner cutting

The corners should be cut smoothly, with little to no gap between the outer edge of the corner and the centerpiece.

Corners are not too thick: If you have a sizeable gap in your cube, then you will have a hard time turning it when you need to, and the cube will probably become unstable.

Corners are not too thin: If you have a small gap in your cube, then it will be hard for you to turn the corners smoothly when you need to. This can also cause your cube to wobble as well.


A good speed cube should be able to flip smoothly. If the corner of your cube is very sharp, then it will probably snap when you try to turn it and cause the cube to become unstable. The edges of a speed cube should also not have sharp.

A good speed cube should be able to do all the basic things that a normal cubers’ cube can do. If it has only limited functions, then you may have trouble when you need to use those functions in certain situations.

Pop resistance

A good speed cube should be able to withstand a minor force before it snaps. If the cube doesn’t have enough pop resistance, then you find it is very easy for your fingers to push out one or more pieces from the cube.

Lock-up resistance

During a rushed or messy move sequence, the cube’s ability to resist locking up. Cutting corners effectively is a “special case” of “lock-up resistance” (A good cube that is lock-up-resistant must also cut corners well).


One of the most important factors that determine Speedcube’s control is its turning speed. Faster cubes have less control and they overshoot while performing algorithms. However, the new trend of magnetizing cubes has contributed a lot to giving cubers more control. There are some speedcubes that you can magnetize yourself, but it is not possible with most of them because of their internal design.

In today’s market, there are a lot of speed cube manufacturers offering magnetized cubes, which provide you a lot more control when performing algorithms. It is good to learn to cube “naturally” when using these 3*3s, although I wouldn’t recommend them to absolute beginners. I would not use a magnetic cube to learn how to cube. But you can and you can learn how to cube with a magnetic cube.

Size and weight of a Speed cube

How many sides does the cube have? (At least 3)

There are different cubes with different numbers of sides, but all cubers agree you need at least 3 sides. The more the better, but if you have a budget, start with a cube that has 2 or 3 sides and upgrade later.

What is the design of the cube? (Inner core)

The inner core of speed cubes is often very important for determining how smooth it will be. The smoothness of the inner core is usually determined by the number of pieces in it, and a cube with an enormous amount of pieces will be less stable than one with fewer.

How big are the pieces? (3mm or 2mm)

The smaller cubes are faster but are less durable. The cubes with 3mm pieces are the most common and are very smooth. However, if you want a cube that is extremely fast or can take some abuse, then 2mm pieces might be better for you.

What is the weight of the cube? (Usually 4 grams)

This is a very important factor. The heavier the cube, the slower it will be. A heavy cube with 3mm pieces can have a smooth turning experience, but will also be quite slow compared to a lighter 2mm cube with fewer sides and no center core.

What are the dimensions of the cube? (Usually 62mm or 54mm)

The smaller cubes are less stable, but they are also faster. The best speed cubes will have a size that fits your hand comfortably and can be rotated quickly with little effort.

Who is the best Speedcuber in the World in 2023?

The best Speedcuber in the world is Yusheng Du the Single fastest 3×3 solving. He has won multiple speedcubing competitions, including his most recent competition in China, Wuhu Open 2018, where he beat a high-level Australian competitor. But Feliks Zemdegs is the champion in Sydney 2019 as the fastest average 3×3 solving.

The 12 best speed cube reviews

There are hundreds of different speed cubes available in the market, but only a few are considered to be the best. Here’s our list of the best speed cubes in 2022.

GAN 356 RS Stickerless 3×3 Speed Cube

Best for Long Use

In Stock

GAN 356 RS Stickerless 3×3 Speed Cube

  • A bundle includes the GAN 356 RS cube and GAN’s 2×2 GAN 249 v2 cube
  • GAN 356 R S has 55°/ 30° corner-cutting ability.
  • The Gan249 V2 weighs only 52 grams.
  • The material is plastic.

The Gan 356 RS is the latest version of the world’s best speed cube. It has a perfect balance between corner-cutting and turning performance. This cube can be used for all kinds of competitive events such as cubing competitions.

The most notable feature of this cube is the “Lightweight System”. The GAN 356 RS uses a lightweight aluminum core with very high tensile strength and special anti-corrosion treatment. This allows it to have better corner-cutting ability while keeping the same smoothness and durability.

It also features a rounded design and a whopping big corner-cutting. With a new manufacturing method, the cube has a much more comfortable turning feel, a sturdy construction, and a stable centerpiece. The cube is made from eco-friendly ABS material, ensuring a stable performance even during fast-paced play. Definitely a great cube for beginners and intermediate solvers to hone their skills.

The GAN 356 RS also has a “Gan 3×3” stickerless design, which is perfect for speedcubers who want to use it in competition or any other competitive event. It has a great overall feel and truly remarkable speed! It turns so well, that you can achieve seamless repeats and never feel like you’re fighting the cube.

As a new and interesting twist to the 3×3 puzzle craze, this GAN 356 is a stickered cube that doesn’t need to be lubricated! The pieces are very well-fitted and the puzzle is smooth and fast. The cube is dry and doesn’t require any breaking-in.

This brand-new cube is perfect for beginners and can even compete with the best of the best in speed-cubing competitions.

Positive Things

  • The new numerical core and GES make the cube more stable and controllable.
  • Buttery speed cube.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Easily tuned with Gans core.
  • The corner-cutting ability performs well with the toughest angles.
  • Perfect for kids to start.

Negative Things

  • The plastic should be more strong.

GAN 356i2 Stickerless Speed Cube

Best Moves

In Stock

GAN 356i2 Stickerless Speed Cube

GAN 356i2 Stickerless Speed Cube

  • Comes with a charger and cable.
  • It can record your solving and battle online with others.
  • You can keep track of all your solving data in one place.
  • Good in hands, move fast and smoothly.
  • The App provides multiple training models.
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When it comes to world records, the GAN 356 Air takes the cake! Gan’s 3×3 is a crowd favorite because it is unbelievably fast and remarkably light and smooth. Unlike stickers or other additives, the Air turns smoothly and is stickerless, so you won’t have to worry about it peeling or fading. It’s sure to impress as well as satisfy any competitor, regardless of experience level!

The elegant GAN 356i2 is one of GAN’s most popular speed-cubing models ever. It’s fast, it’s smooth, it’s a great cube. With a new mechanism inside, the cube is solved more easily and faster with less effort. GAN 356i2 Stickerless Speed Cube is a smart and colorful puzzle toy made from high-quality plastic. With excellent quality and shape, it can provide you with hours of enjoyment and challenge.

Moreover, the GAN 356i2 Stickerless Speed Cube is a perfect cube for beginners. It can be used to solve the most difficult algorithms and has a great performance in speed-cubing competitions.

The GAN 356i2 is one of the most technologically advanced Smart Cubes on the market today. When you solve the cube, it records all of your moves and lets you do battle with others online. It comes with a bigger stickerless surface, and a rubberized surface to prevent scratches, and now supports APP detection, making it even more awesome!

The GAN 356 Air features a stunning design and is one of the smoothest turning speedcubers you can buy. An excellent choice for beginners and seasoned cubers alike.’s GAN 356 Air SM is a professional speed cube. It is a fast cube that comes assembled and lubricated, the most perfect cube in the industry. Made with high-quality material, super-durable.

Positive Things

  • The new mechanism inside makes the cube solved faster and easier.
  • A lot of fans, especially kids like it.
  • It’s more stable than previous models.
  • Excellent corner-cutting ability with non-lubricated plastic.
  • Easily tuned.

Negative Things

  • The charging system should be improved.
  • The app robot sometimes does not work.

GAN 11 M Pro 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Best for Team

In Stock

GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

GAN 11 M Pro 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

  • 63g super lightweight and solid.
  • Glossy/Matte/Soft Stickerless/Stickered.
  • Honeycomb Touchface.
  • All Symmetry Locked Clips Design.
  • Extreme Corner-Cutting.
  • Anti-Corner twist & Anti-POP.
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The GAN11M Pro Magnetic Speed Cube is the latest magnetic cube from GAN. It features a brand new mechanism with reduced spring tensions in an improved feel, reduced sticker burr, and reduced lock up. A new Dual Magnet System provides a lighter, yet firmer feel while ensuring that the puzzle will stay together even during complex rotations. This cube is engineered to give you the best, most customizable speed cube experience on the market.

With its new series, GAN 11 M Pro, GAN has made tremendous improvements to the Cubing world. First, this new 3×3 magnetic cube by GAN will make you feel like you are playing on a pro level. Second, the cube is designed with the most advanced technology and materials including black resin, pure copper magnets, secret sticker technology, and patented double-sided stickers. Third, it contains 3 layers of secret sticker technology in each corner of the cube.

Among the best speed cubes on the market, both for professionals and beginners, the GAN 11 M Pro stands out. It is designed with excellent mechanism and comes with smooth and fast turning. Using the magnetic core and layer, is more stable and reduces lockups.

Following the popular Chinese saying “If it is not broken, don’t fix it” , GAN 11 M Pro is the pinnacle of modern cube, and once you start playing with this cube you will realize its full potential and you will never want to put it down for the rest of your life. With its new balance and excellent performance, this cube will take you to a whole new level of cubing and also serves as a great entry point for those who are unfamiliar with cubing to start playing.

So, it can be said that The GAN cube has been one of the most popular speed cubes in the world for several years. It has been produced with a very high level of precision, and many have called it the best-transported speedcubes in the world. A worthwhile if you put your hearts into it. In case you are a contestant, choosing this rubik without hesitation is definitely the best choice.

Positive Things

  • As smooth as butter, it practically solves itself.
  • The right amount of tightness and the perfect amount of looseness, so you get the ability to customize it.
  • Best cube for beginners.
  • Flexible and Giftable.

What I Do Not Like

  • The price is still too high.
  • Sometimes can be glided although smooth.

CuberSpeed MoYu Weilong WR M Speed Cube

Best Materials Speed Cube

In Stock

CuberSpeed MoYu Weilong WR M Speed Cube

CuberSpeed MoYu Weilong WR M Speed Cube

  • The material has 48pcs magnets.
  • It comes with integrated dual track feet.
  • You will love the anti-sticky design.
  • You will have an excellent permanence with great corner cutting and tension adjustable.
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The MoYu Weilong WR is a speed cube from the MoYu WeiLong series. It was designed to compete with the other speed cubes from the market. It has a good overall performance and is the best speed cube you can get for its price. The Moyu Weilong GTS2M is the 3rd speed cube produced by Moyu. It features stickerless bright colors, anti-popping technology, and overall excellent performance.

It was first released in 2020 and then MoYu has taken 3×3 cube speed to a whole new level! The WR-M version is being fully updated always with factory magnets, to bring it the fastest cubing 3×3 on the market.

The manufacturer recommended age is three years and up. The MoYu cube is perfect for all kinds of children.

The CubeSpeed MoYu Weilong WR M is the top quality speed cube in the market for children using. With optimized structure and friction surface, it is more stable and durable. The cube is effortless to put together, light, portable, and perfect for speed cubing.

Another good thing about this fantastic puzzle is it has been the most popular gift for your kids. It can be an addictive game for kids to learn to solve complex problems. You can make it more interesting for them by putting your kid’s name on the center piece. Not only does this help them express their creativity, but also helps in developing their memory, concentration, and cognitive skills.

When it comes to the fastest speed and good speedcubing experience availability, this is most likely what you want to try. In fact, it is the utmost popular. Even though there have been many other speed cubes released recently, the Weilong is still a top choice for your kids.

Positive Things

  • There is less corner twisting and fewer lock-ups.
  • Approximately 43 quintillion colors change in this classic color matching puzzle.
  • It is an excellent choice for improving your personal record at competitions.
  • Dual adjustment feature will make you adaptive. 
  • Can be your budget cubes, as it’s 11.2 ounces.

Negative Things

  • It does not permit children under 3 years to play with the small parts.
  • It has a plastic wedge which may hinder smooth rotation.

Cuberspeed QiYi Valk 3 Elite M

Best for Team

In Stock

Cuberspeed QiYi Valk 3 Elite M

Cuberspeed QiYi Valk 3 Elite M

  • Comes with a variety of accessories, including magnetic center caps and cleaning clothes.
  • magnetic system with three different levels of strength.
  • With its elasticity adjustment system, it also eliminates spring noise.
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The Valk 3 is the latest flagship speed cube from QiYi MoFangGe. It features a new mechanism to further enhance its smoothness, stability, and durability. This version of the Valk 3 is now fully magnetic for a smoother experience and improved performance.

The Cuberspeed QiYi Valk 3 Elite M is best speed cube that is loved by speed cubers all around the world. It comes with an excellent turning track that allows for effortless turning. It is the best speed cube for matured or novice cube player. There are no discriminatory practices. 

In case you are fed up with your previous cubing experience and facing trouble with the spring noise, then you should right now think about the Cuberspeed QiYi Valk 3. The QiYi manufacturers developed its own method for adjusting elasticity, which also eliminates spring noise.

The Valk 3 is the different shades of Speed Cube on the market to feature a new mechanism created especially for corner cutting, making it a true WPC cube. It has a specially designed outer layer which allows the cube to have a smooth, solid, and light feel. It also has a new design on the pieces, making it more robust and durable, as well as more attractive.

A great introduction to cubing for beginners, the QiYi Valk 3 is a value priced cube that provides hours of fun and entertainment. It features a trendy stickered design which gives a pleasant look and a good clutch. So, I would say, It is an excellent choice for a wide range of cubers, from beginner to intermediate. In addition, it is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable cube.

Positive things

  • Overall quality cube but great for speed cubing.
  • It should easily replace cap with a screwdriver.
  • Strong and moderate versions use a Twin-Magnetic scheme that uses “center-edge” and “corner-edge” magnetism to position themselves.
  • A perfect gift for Christmas to kids.

Negative things

  • The magnetic adjustment system is actually a poor design.

D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS3 M

Best Magnetic Positioning Technology

In Stock

D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS3 M

D-FantiX Moyu Weilong GTS3 M

  • Adjustable springs.
  • Magnetic inside which ensures its aligned accurately.
  • Easier to grip because of its sculpted exterior.
  • Slick design makes it more smooth.
  • Comes a with center stalk, which increases the stability.
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I would not be wondering if someone implies about the world’s best popular cube is the GTS3 M is a great speed cube for beginners, but can also be used as a main speed cube! It differs from the previous GTS2 M and can be used as a professional competition cube. It is more stable and controllable. The unique and patented GTS mechanism combines the friction and fast speed. The GTS3 M feels very comfortable and smooth and is perfect for all cubers.

The creative design of GTS3 M cube provides even more challenge than the standard 4-walled cube. Both of its layers can be turned independently. The Moyu Weilong GTS3 M is the other best speed cube in the world. The cube features high-quality color scheme that is vivid and visible. Also, comes with pre-lubricated and tensioned. Of course, ultimately it would be a great idea for gifting.

Positive things

  • Multi-track design makes it more stable and faster than other speed cubes. 
  • The surface is easier to grip.
  • 48 magnets are included in the magnetic positioning technology.
  • A total of four slots are inserted into this flagship puzzle, strengthening it structurally, and two inner piece additions allow the center cap to fit snugly.

Negative things

  • There are no stickers, so it cannot be customized or colored however you like.

CuberSpeed QiYi MS 3×3 Magnetic Black Speed Cube

Best for Price

In Stock

CuberSpeed QiYi MS 3x3 Magnetic Black Speed Cube

CuberSpeed QiYi MS 3×3 Magnetic Black Speed Cube

  • Built with high performance and economy in mind, this 3×3 speed cube is magnetic.
  • These stickers are made from non-toxic ABS material and they will not fade over time.
  • Ideal choice for your kids.
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With its amazing features and impressive design, QiYi Speed Cube has gained enormous popularity. A cube that’s perfect for beginners and experts alike, this cube is fast enough to provide challenge, but not so fast it becomes difficult to manipulate. With the QiYi 3×3, you can continue your quest to find the speed cube of your dreams, no matter how experienced you are as a speedcuber.

The CuberSpeed QiYi MS3x3 is the smoothest, fastest, and most durable 3×3 speed cube on the market. A game of 3×3 requires cubers to solve scrambled puzzles by applying many different algorithms, making it challenging and rewarding to master. Cubers need good technique, strong hands, and fast fingers to achieve fast times, and this cube will help you perfect your game.

If you really want to make sure you’re always stay on top of your game, then the 3×3 magnetic speed cube is the perfect puzzle for practicing the ultimate skills of the mind. The QiYi MS 3×3 speed cube is built to perform better than any other speed cube for this range, driving you to achieve greater perfection in every competition.

Positive things

  • A great way to reduce stress, exercise your brain, improve memory, and practice dexterity skills in these cubes today.
  • This is the perfect choice for beginners.
  • Provides a creepy feeling.

Negative things

  • This rubik’s cube comes with a plastic surface.

Coogam Cyclone Boys’ 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Best for kids

In Stock

Coogam Cyclone Boys' 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

Coogam Cyclone Boys’ 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube

  • Unique slot design and the magnet will not fall off.
  • Comes with strong magnets.
  • Children can benefit from being in their own space solving coogam cyclone as well as developing their memory.
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The new Cyclone Boys 3×3 speed cube is a premium cube designed for speed cubers. It has a smooth feel and has quick turning. Its vibrant colors make it a superb choice for a speed cube. The cube’s internals have been precisely machined and properly lubricated, making it a fast and smooth cube right out of the box.

With its solid construction and vibrant shades, this 3×3 speed cube will make you feel like an expert cuber. Whether you prefer to solve the cube using the traditional method or advanced methods like CFOP, you’ll find this cube is up to the challenge. The cube is equipped with high-quality, minimal friction magnets that allow it to be scrambled and solved with ease.

This magnetic cube made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, the Cyclone Boys’ Speed Cube, is a great for all kinds of boys. With this Cyclone Boys’ Speed Cube, you will have a fantasy smooth-running time, so the visually stunning cube that will turn well off the bat.

Positive Things

  • Fashionable between male, female, kids, adults.
  • All sides have one color.
  • Great corner cutting, tension adjustable.
  • It looks great. Everyone is going to love it.

Negative things

  • colors stickerless.
  • Some cubers declare, dropped some corner or other pops off.

GAN 356 X Speed Cube

Best Smooth Cube

In Stock

GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 Magnetic Speed Cube

GAN 356 X Speed Cube

  • Comes with interchangeable 4types magnet system.
  • Can be easily tuned.
  • Numeral tools free.
  • Cuts from every angle.
  • Manufacturers provide tutorial.
  • Lube spreads so your hand feels endurable.
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Gans Puzzles produced the GAN 356 Air UM speed cube in 2018. The new GAN 356 Air UM is faster than the previous version with its new design of bigger holes. The GAN 356 Air UM is the cleanest, fastest, and most beautiful of all the Gans puzzles. This cube would be the new benchmark for all best speedcubes.

GAN 356 Air SM is a 3×3 cube from Gans Puzzles, which features a magnetized positioning system. With a more stable feel and a smoother rotation, this cube is a wonderful choice for speedcubing. Various speed cubes have different magnetic force preferences. Unlike magnetic cubes, traditional magnetic cubes glued the magnets to the pieces, preventing one from changing their force. GAN’s new flagship product for 2018 is the GAN356X, which comes with the revolutionary GAN Magnet System. With it, you can instantly switch into your ideal magnet setting to find the handfeel that suits you best.

Positive Things

  • GAN 356 has Magnets Positioning Tech.
  • Comes with Honeycomb technic.
  • IPG Core.
  • It provides GES Springs.
  • Extreme Corner-Cutting.
  • Quality of the cube is remarkable.
  • Anti-Corner twist & Anti-POP.

Negative things

  • The price is high.

eX-Mars is the world’s only patented A.I. robot cube

Best Robot Cube

In Stock

eX Mars is the worlds only patented A.I. robot cube

eX-Mars is the world’s only patented A.I. robot cube

  • It’s an AI robotic cube.
  • AI voice cubing with ios app 2.0
  • The robot scrambles the cube and measures your time to solve it. It shows you the time.
  • This puzzle cube on Earth has a distinct shape and is more advanced in function.
Buy on Amazon

The eX-Mars Cube is an A.I. robot that plays the speed cube better than you. It’s the world’s only patented A.I. robot cube. eX-Mars will blow you away and will impress your friends and family! It will solve your cube in record time.

With this all-in-one cube, you can learn, play, enjoy, and challenge a variety of puzzles. You will learn how to solve: A.I. robot cube and show solving as well as help you correct your wrong moves.

So, If you love to PLAY solving with a help from A.I. robot: then this robotic eX-mars scrambles the cube, measures your solving time and displays it.

So, eX-Mars is the ultimate speed cube. It’s the only Speed Cube that has Artificial Intelligence . The only speed cube that has a different shape and world record. All of these features make it the best speed cube in the world.

Monster Go Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube

Best Design

In Stock

Monster Go Magnetic 3x3 Speed Cube

Monster Go Magnetic 3×3 Speed Cube

  • Unique mechanism plastic core.
  • Comes with symmetric lock up pieces.
  • Vivid colors and scratch proof.
  • Adjustable tensioning.
Buy on Amazon

Are you searching for the revolutionary design that allows for smooth rotation and unmatched stability? Then the only Speed Cube that is magnetized for precision placement and stability. Many speedcubes on the market today use plastics with a matte finish that can feel rough and grainy. But the Monster Go uses an innovative magnetic material that feels as good as it looks! It has a velvety smooth feel and is highly sturdy. The Monster Go is the only speed cube on the market made of eco friendly.

So, power up your solving time with this new monster 3×3 speed cube! The cube is manufactured with high-quality material and it is very lightweight, which enables constancy and increased turning speed. It has an overall solid construction, and the mechanisms are extremely slick, as already said above. The cube has great durability and enhanced corner cutting, which is the dominant feature of this cube.

The Go Cube is a genuine pleasure to watch. The smoothness of the turns makes the Go Cube a great speed cube for beginners. When turning, it is very quiet. Since many cubers are trying, the Go Cube is one of the excellent overall speed cube in the market lately. But there are many cubers out there and claims that the squares are broken and separated quickly. However, everything depends on its price, but you get what you pay. In other words, I can’t call it the best cube for the money! Nevertheless, you’ll find it to be well set up out of the box.

Positive Things

  • There is no chance of getting any scraps.
  • Eco-friendly materials are used in the construction of this cube.
  • Odorless. In case hands get sweat, no chance of getting smell from it.
  • Easy to grip in hands.

Negative things

  • Non digital

What is the fastest speed cube method?

The fastest speed cube method is the X-cube. It’s called “the easiest to solve”, but it is also very hard and not for beginners. You need at least 10 minutes to complete a single solution, and even more if you want to get better-than-average results (good for speedcubers). The X-cube method can be divided into two parts: solving the cube in the original orientation, and solving it in a new orientation.

What to look for in a Speed cube?

The principal thing of a speed cube is turning, Corner cutting, stability, control, catching, lockups, tensions, stickers.

-The cube must be very smooth and free of defects.

-A larger diameter than your finger so that you can grip it firmly without worrying about dropping it. The handle should not fit in the palm, but rather around the thumb and middle finger. If the corners are sharp, then you will have to tighten the tension.

-A cube with no grooves is good for beginners, but not if you are an advanced speedcuber who has become accustomed to faster cubes.

-The cube should be relatively smooth and rounded so that it will not come apart during fast solves or be difficulty.


Do You Need To Solve Different Types Of Cubes In Order To Get Better At Solving Them?

No, you do not need. Not only you, but many other people struggle with solving a speedcube for the first time. Everyone is a novice. However, there are different techniques that each speedcuber uses to solve the cube faster and with more consistency. One example is “Fridrich” Method.

Which One Should I Buy If I Want To Learn How To Solve A Cube In The Fastest Time Possible?

Speed Cubes are too fast and flexible for beginners. You won’t exactly feel uncomfortable using them. So, you should buy a speed cube if you want to learn to solve a cube in the fastest time.

How Many Times Should I Practice Solving A Cube Each Day, And What Would Be An Ideal Number Of Solves Per Day For Me?

Most people who are the fastest cubers in the world only practice for fun with speed cube. Knowing when to use which algorithm (immediately) can provide the edge you need if you want the cube to be solved in less than 20 seconds. There is still a lot to be learned in improving your techniques, however, it’s not just about how many outputs you do per day. Try improving your technique by 75 to 150 times every day.

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