Solving the Stickerless Dilemma: Best Stickerless Speed Cube of 2023

My research and comparison of the 9 best popular stickerless speed cubes took 40 hours to come up with the best Stickerless Speed Cube 2023 available on the market.

Would you like your kids to have the best stickerless speed cube on the market that is reliable, fast, and efficient? Congratulations! You were lucky to find the perfect speedcube for your kids! 


I’m glad you found it. I am saving you time and stress by removing the need to understand hundreds of reviews.

Yes, it is true that many customers have difficulty deciding which stickerless version of a speed cube to buy. Due to the variety of stickerless speed cubes available in the market, a dilemma has arisen. You will learn how to choose the most appropriate stickerless speed cubes on the market by reading this comprehensive guide.

The Best Stickerless Speed Cube of 2023

What are the drawbacks of using a stickerless speed cube?

It’s no secret that cube fans are divided into two camps – those who love & want to collect the best Stickerless speed cube, and those who hate them. Stickerless cubes are famous to all levels of players, especially for competitions.

No matter how experienced you are at cubing, you must have felt overwhelmed at some point when deciding between a stickered or stickerless cube. Normally, Speed Cubes are available in three different color variations – black, stickerless, and white. 

Stickerless Cubes: Six different colors of plastic are used in making the stickerless cubes, which have a split-piece design. To solve the cube, each side has a different color, and stickers are not needed. You can find stickerless cubes in several forms, such as stickerless bright and stickerless. 

Plastic colors of stickerless bright are usually brighter and more vibrant. By contrast, standard stickerless cubes are darker and less vivid. 

It has become increasingly popular for cubing enthusiasts to use stickerless cubes, as they are easy to keep clean, as well as not having to worry about the stickers peeling off over time. A downside to this is that you cannot choose a custom color scheme.

Stickered Cubes: It looks really nice to have a cube covered in stickers, but the stickers eventually peel off. In this case, new stickers would need to be purchased to replace the old ones. It is possible that subconsciously you don’t want to rotate the stickers faster once they begin to get damaged, as it may cause them to get even more damaged. 

You’ll be affected by your performance and your speed will affect your time management. Maintenance on large cubes can be challenging, especially when it comes to their size. Sticker replacement on big cubes can be tedious. 

The other drawback to stickerless cubes is that if you can’t find stickers in the right size, you will see more of the black or white cube than the colored pieces. When speedsolving, this can be distracting. White sticker versions are also no longer preferred because they change appearance over time.

Which one is better: plastic or metal stickers for a stickerless speed cube?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by many new speedcubers, “Does Stickerless mean the cube has no stickers?”. It doesn’t mean that. In general, there are three “plastic color” variants of Speedcubes: Black, Stickerless, and White. Essentially, using black and white plastic with colored vinyl stickers allows the cube to be solved by arranging the pieces in the correct order.

Plastic or metal stickers both are good as well as enjoyable for a stickerless cube. The only difference is that plastic may deface its color, whereas metal will retain its own characteristics.

Is a Stickerless cube better?

Well, It is a very crucial question for a new speedcuber who has recently started his cubing journey. As I have already clarified about the stickered cube and stickerless cube difference, I hope you absolutely have no more flurry questions for the speed cube stickerless. Nevertheless, I will tell the truth right now.

There is no difference in performance between stickered and stickerless cubes. The choice is personal. There are some brands that provide only sticker cubes, while others offer both. This does not affect the overall performance in any way. A stickerless cube is highly recommended if you plan to use it for a very long time. If you prefer stickered cubes, I will not discourage you from doing so.

But Let’s come to the most valuable question that almost everyone knows that stickerless cubes were banned. Yes, it’s true that it was banned before 2015 from WCA (World Cube Association). However, Since July 2015, the World Cube Association has changed its rules to permit stickerless cubes in speed-solving any events. It means that stickerless speed cubes are allowed in competition.

The reason stickerless used to be disallowed was that it gives you an advantage of seeing the colors of the rear faces without tilting the cube. It is one kind of advantage in speedcubing. Despite this, almost no one took advantage of it because it wasn’t really a helpful advantage. It’s impossible for people to slow down and check the internal colors of the plastic pieces because they are solving it way too fast.

How do you choose a good stickerless speed cube?

These tips will help you choose the best stickerless speed cubes-

You can use this buying guide to make an informed decision. The guide was constructed using a set of unique algorithms, which enabled me to compile a list of the top 9 Best Stickerless Speed Cube available currently on the market. Just keep in mind these main important factors-

  • Brand Value.
  • Product rate.
  • Quality & Durability.
  • Features & Specifications.
  • Customer Reviews as well as ratings.

Although, there are many places online from which to get information about products – buying guides, product reviews, word-of-mouth advice, online communities, and even YouTube videos. To choose the best stickerless speed cubes, thorough research is essential.

What is the best stickerless speed cube?

Many Best stickerless speed cubes are available on the market. That’s why I carefully selected the Top-8 Stickerless Speed cube list based on quality, durability, price, and features that best suit your specifications. Now you should be able to pick the perfect one for yourself…

The Top-9 Stickerless Speed cube

  1. GAN Speed Cubing Stickerless Smart Cube

GAN is a very famous brand in the speed cube world and they are manufacturing many popular speed cubes.

The GAN Speed Cube is the perfect cube for speedcubers. It has a smooth, tactile feel that glides with ease, even when the cube is tensioned to its maximum. It has a solid, stable feel on the turning side. The GAN Speed Cube has a non-sticky, non-smearing surface that gives great control with minimal effort. It turns so well that you will be able to do marathon solves with ease. It is easy to control, even if you are new to speedcubing. The GAN Speed Cube has an angled corner-cutting design that allows for smooth corner-cutting. The cube is sturdy, strong, and has an overall pleasant feeling.

The GAN Speed Cube was designed to be the best speed cube available for the money. It is a budget cube that performs like a premium cube.

Cubestation’s app was difficult to activate. If you need to get the correct server number, you may need to stop and restart the app first. Once you’ve tried a number of times, you’ll realize you have to use an email account to register (I couldn’t use my phone number since the system defaults to Chinese area codes). Choosing a password and hitting “Verify” will allow you to install the app after entering your email address. 

When it comes to reaction time, how fast do you think you are? With this GAN stickerless Speed Cube, you will be challenged to speed up and you will absolutely be able to do it. To improve your record in any competition, it will be the best choice for you always.

Pros cons:

  • The Robot makes it easier to solve the cubes by scrambling the cubes every time. That’s one of the most important reasons to purchase it.
  • The Cube moves fast and smoothly in your hands.
  • The sensors work well and fast. 
  • There are multiple training models available within the App and you can keep track of time spent training to see how much you have improved. Additionally, there is an online competition for the fans to participate in.
  • The Robot must be awake before the Cube can be placed on it. In this way, the APP will accurately capture the status of the cab. (This is one kind of bug in the app.)
  • There were some problems with the App’s photograph reset feature.
  • The cube can be fully charged within 1.5 hours.

2. D-FantiX Qiyi Stickerless Speed Cube Set

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, D-FantiX Qiyi Stickerless Speed Cube Set will give you a new experience in speedcubing. This is a high-quality rubik cube designed to give you a smooth and stable feel.

Colorful Stickerless Speed Cube – Perfectly crafted using eco-friendly ABS material, this Stickerless Speed Cube never needs stickers! Stickerless Speedcubers are generally preferred because of their bright colors and clean lines. This cube improves with age! D-FantiX Qiyi Stickerless Speed Cube Set is a popular and smart choice for you! Used by World Cube Association competition champions, the stickerless cube set has a lightweight design and an anti-pop technology that allows each cube to adjust and be more flexible.

Indeed, a high quality speed cube for both beginners and experienced cubers, the D-FantiX Qiyi Stickerless Speed Cube is a must-have toy for fans of this classic puzzle. It features a solid and compact design in a cube shape and boasts a fast and smooth turning speed. With an overall solid construction, this speed cube allows you to change the texture of the puzzle through the various twistings and turnings you perform. The cube comes pre-lubricated and tensioned, so you can be assured that it will never wear out, even after hours upon hours of continuous play. This set comes with an instruction booklet, so you can learn how to solve it right away.

Pros cons:

  • Best for all ages, perfectly suitable for beginner & professional players.
  • Stickers won’t peel off or fade.
  • Strong and durable.
  • ABS material is safe and non-toxic. It is safe for humans and for the environment.
  • Comes in separate boxes.
  • The negative side is they are not magnetic.
  • Excellent set overall.

3. Cuberspeed GAN Skewb M stickerless Speed Cube

The Cuberspeed GAN Skewb M is a high-quality speed cube for all cubers. It comes with the GAN logo on all sides, which is a sign of quality. The GAN Skewb is one of the best budget speed cubes on the market, and it is the most affordable cube that uses the GAN mechanism. It is a freestyle/puzzle cube meant for solving.

The Cuberspeed Gan Skewb is a puzzle cube that contains 8 corners and 8 centers. It has a sturdier feel and an improved anti-pop ability. With a chamfered and more solid construction, the Gan Skewb is a great choice for speedcubing.

This cube features a unique, vibrant, and modern pattern with a vibrant colored edge. It turns extremely smoothly, and yet has a very tight turning feel! The corners are a bit rounded, which improves the turning and increases the ease of turning.

Best speedcubes are the choice for all cubers. By solving puzzles and brain teasers, kids learn to think hard, become more spatially aware, and enhance their memory in addition to learning to solve complex problems. You can use this gift for your kids whether you want to stretch their mental capacity or enjoy leisure time with them.

This is the perfect gift for kids, friends, and family for Christmas or birthdays. For personal promotion and competition, it is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Pros cons:

  • It’s a magnetic speed cube.
  • For all skills levels- Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. Best for competitions.
  • Stunningly fast and smooth from the very first turn.
  • Although It’s a good cube but not lightweight & not for children under 3 years.

3. Roxenda Stickerless Magic Cube Set

This is the new generation of the Rubik’s Cube. It is smoother, faster, quieter, and more durable. It has no stickers to wear out. It includes an instruction booklet and a set of 2 solver tools: a white one and a black one to help you orient the small pieces and to preserve the Cube’s original color and to minimize and other marks on the Cube.

The unique mix of internal and external magnets ensures a smooth and stable turning. This is a perfect cube for speedcubing and will provide you with hours of fun and relaxation.

This is a very high quality speed cube from the leading brand of speed cubes. It is a straightforward speed cube at a great reasonable price. It is the best choice if you want to start cubing. It turns well and it is fast. It comes stickerless and lubricated. It will arrive ready to play. You can’t go wrong with this one.

As a speedcuber, you will love the feeling of a brand new speed cube in your hands. The clean, smooth, glossy plastic gliding between your fingers, the subtle clicking of the turning mechanism, the sensation of a brand new speed cube under your fingertips. Nothing feels better. Absolutely this magic cube set of 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Frosted Puzzle Cube will disappoint you at all.

Pros cons:

  • The cube has no popping.
  • The cut comes with a snap.
  • In an amazing cube, color pieces are arranged in a precise fashion thanks to the cross design. Excellent corner cutting makes for easy turning and smooth play.
  • Safe, non-toxic ABS plastic.
  • Due to the light and the technical factors, the colors may differ slightly.
  • Parents must accompany children under 3 years old to play it.
  • A little lubricant may be smeared on top of some cubes. You can wipe it off, as it’s harmless. To remove it from a hard screw, use lube.

4. Vdealen Stickerless Speed Cube Set

The V-Cube is the most awarded speed cube in the world. It is the official speed cube of the World Cube Association.

This Vdealen cube contains premium speed cube components, which ensures outstanding turning and cornering. Ergonomic and comfortable, it allows you to play for a long time without the cube getting too hot and sticky.

Vdealen is a great choice for speedcubing and non-speedcubing players alike. It feels lighter and more stable on the hand. This set comes with a random cube, but you can choose the color and the version that you want on the options.

This Vdealen speed cube set comes with 4 speed cubes. Made of ABS plastic, each speed cube measures 2.75 inches. All cubes come pre-lubricated and tensioned. Vdealen is committed to the proposition that its customers deserve to get value for money.

Pros cons:

  • Using the original ABS material, this speed cube set has no stickers, no poisonous material, and never fades in color.
  • Very durable & lightweight cube.
  • Best for a personal record.
  • The cube is a plastic surface.
  • Do not provide English instructions.

5. Cuberspeed YJ MGC 4X4 M stickerless Speed Cube

The YJ MGC 4X4 M stickerless speed cube is the newest member of the Cuberspeed 4X4 family. It features bigger holes making it even more lightweight. Its bigger pieces allow for a more stable feel, making it easier to handle. Its V-shape design makes it more controllable, and its stickerless surface lets you see your solve more clearly. This cube is built for speed solving, and is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced cubers alike.

For the newbies, when they start cubing, say in when they’re in college or high school, they might want to start with this particular speedcubing cube because it is not only affordable, but it is also very high in quality.

The YJ MGC 4X4 M is a stickerless speedcube, which is a kind of cube that can rotate smoothly and comes with a superior corner cutting ability. It has a newly designed mechanism that provides a faster and smoother speed-cubing experience. With a 4x4x4 cube, you can have a lot of fun!

The YJ MGC 4X4 M is one of my picks for the best 4×4 speed cube on the market. 

Pros cons:

  • With this puzzle, you will receive flagship performance for a fraction of the price of a flagship.
  • The turning is smooth, and the magnetic feel is medium.
  • Material is plastic.
  • Very good overall, but needs a little setting up (lubricating and tightening).

6. Little Golden Elephant Speed Cube Set

The Little Golden Elephant Speed Cube Set is a great way to get a child started with speed cubing. Featuring a plastic case and a bunch of colorful stickers for customization, this speed cube set comes with a tutorial booklet that can be a great help to a beginner.

This cube is one of the best of the best, with a solid design and performance to match. It is the new version of the YJ Guanlong. This cube is the cube of choice of many top cubers, including Feliks Zemdegs, the first cuber to break the 5-second barrier. This cube has a unique feel which is not for everyone, but certainly worth your consideration.

The cube is a classic brainteaser that has fascinated fans for over a century. A twisty puzzle that scrambles into a seemingly random pattern of colored faces, it’s a great way to exercise your spatial and problem-solving skills. A must-have for all fans of the puzzle, the speed cube set includes a Little Golden Speed Cube, a Little Golden Speed Cube stand, a Little Golden Speed Cube carry case and a Little Golden Speed Cube stickerless sticker kit. What else do you need?

Pros cons:

  • No stickers, frosted surface experience.
  • Features new center pieces before and after.
  • Comes with an anti-sticky groove design.
  • The good side is screw can be adjusted.
  • Vivid colors help to be more accurate observed.
  • There are no negative aspects & best for the budget.

7. D-FantiX Qiyi Qidi S 2×2 Speed Cube Stickerless Puzzle Cube for Kids

The qiyi qidi s is an outstanding popular cube from D-FantiX, the largest speedcube manufacturer in the world. It features a new anti-pop mechanism and great corner cutting performance.

The Qiyi Qidi S is the latest speed cube in the Qiyi Qidi series. This speed cube is the same size as the original Qiyi Qidi but has a few new features. The Qiyi Qidi series is one of the most popular speed cube series in the world. The Qiyi Qidi S features a new internal mechanism. It has a smooth feel right out of the box. Unlike the original Qiyi Qidi, the Qiyi Qidi S comes stickerless. The Qiyi Qidi S also features no internal core which makes it lighter. It weighs about 69 grams. The Qiyi Qidi S is fast right out of the box but can be even faster

The little Rubik’s Cube is so cool and cute! It really is fantastic! Definitely cannot be broken! Extremely fast moves. This cube is ideal if you want a cube that will remain in the same condition after a year. Best budget cube for you most of the time.

Pros cons:

  • Colorful and vibrant.
  • Turns quickly.
  • Solid construction.
  • Doesn’t have stickers.
  • Turning is adjustable.
  • Great performance.
  • Very affordable.
  • There is only one con: when dropped, tiles can pop out, but they can be pushed back in again.

8. Coogam Moyu Stickerless Cube Bundle

Cubers use a lubricant to solve the cube and improve their turning skills. I recommend using Coogam Speed Cube Lubricant for stickerless cubes to prevent your cube from getting stiff and sticky. It’s long-lasting and chip-resistant.

The Moyu is a stickerless speed cube made by Coogam who are known for their high-quality puzzle products. It features 96-pieces, smooth rotations, and a unique Moyu design. Didn’t love the previous cubes’ smoothness? No problem these Coogam Moyu bundles are very lightweight as well as very smooth to participate in any competitions.

This set includes a cube and a standard set of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 Speed Cube Set with a bag that has a space for the cube. This bag is designed to fit everything that a speedcuber is most likely to want to carry around to cubing sessions, and it is made to be comfortable and functional.

Pros cons:

  • Excellent for corner-cutting and super smooth.
  • ABS material is used rather than traditional stickers, so it is non-toxic, harmless, and safe for children.
  • Provides professional mechanism.
  • There are no tools & don’t come with any screws.

Advice on buying my first speed cube: Cubers  

Often, knowing you are not alone is enough to comfort you. Many people have difficulty finding stickerless speed cubes. My goal is to assist you in finding them! Because you’re here, you’re probably interested in Cheap stickerless speed cube Reviews. The Internet has a lot of information, so do a bit of research before achieving it.

For you to choose the right best stickerless speed cube, you must conduct extensive research.

Does that make sense? Doesn’t it sometimes seem difficult to do that? Therefore, in order to ease your concerns, I have already compiled a list of top budget friendly best stickerless speed cubes available on the market today. Hopefully, You have read it.

Brand Is Worth: Cheap brands can have serious consequences if they are unreliable. You are more likely to end up with an unreliable product if you purchase a cheap brand. Brands with a good reputation tend to pay more attention to maintaining it than those with a poor reputation.

A stickerless speed cube stands out from its competition because of its unique features. Because of this, I hope you’ll find something you like on my list. Happy cubing!!

Having hundreds of features isn’t necessary. When choosing the top stickerless speed cube, it’s important to consider what matters most.

Detailed Specifications: Quantitative measurements of quality can always be achieved when you have access to numbers. Providing stickerless speed cubes that exceed expectations keeps the company on track.. That’s why you should see what specifications the manufacturers are providing.

Price of stickerless speed cube: An old proverb says, “you get what you pay for.”. Finding the lowest price is seldom a good idea. A product that is expensive and has no real value is not a good choice. It is important to ask yourself what you are getting for your money when evaluating the value of your stickerless speed cube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Good Stickerless Speed Cube For A Fair Price?

Ans. Stickerless speed cubes are known for their lifelong companionship. Spending more money on your lid will improve its speed, quality, and view. Generally, the cost of a new stickerless speed cube ranges between $10 and $100. There are no luxury options, but these are not bad prices.

What Type Of Stickerless Speed Cube Should I Pick?

Ans. Knowing what will comfortably fit on a stickerless speed cube is important because of the differences in size between the cubes. The best stickerless speed cube companies will provide you with high-quality customer support. If it is not necessary, you may want to set a lower standard size.

The Final Opinion

My best stickerless speed cube was chosen by considering these criteria. Does that mean we should focus only on these criteria? Absolutely not! You can find the latest information on my website, which is updated regularly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you think the information presented here is misleading, incorrect, or deviates from actual facts. If you need any help, I’ll be there! In the end, I hope you have chosen the best cube for you. If yes then that’s my pleasure.

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