What is Kendama? Kendama tips for beginners in 2023 with the Best Advice

This article is a guide for kendama tips for beginners in 2023. Kendamas are traditional Japanese toys consisting of a ball attached to a spike and a handle attached to a string. The ball is made of wood or plastic.


Kendama is a Japanese word that means “ball stick”. It’s the official word for kendama in Japan and is also commonly used in English. But kendama isn’t just a “ball stick” device. It’s the perfect addition to your game. It’s easy to learn and fast to master with some creative tricks. The game will challenge the most experienced Kendama player and the youngest beginners alike. There is a Japan Kendama association for regulating this game.

kendama tips for beginners

It is a great toy to play with and is especially fun for kids and beginners since it requires very basic tricks to play. It is a very enjoyable game and the kendama community is active since it has a lot of great kendama players.

This game teaches creativity, consistency, patience, balance, focus, and fun by varying traditional ball-and-cup games.

There are two parts of Kendamas: the ‘ken’ (handle) and the ‘tama’ (ball). In this game, players toss and catch a ball onto cups and eventually onto the spike by means of a string connected to the tama.

You can take it anywhere with you and play it anywhere. The wide variety of tricks Kendama offers can make it highly addictive. More tricks are being invented every day. Japan has practiced it for one hundred years, but it is relatively new to the West. Kendama is a game for adults and it is a very popular game for them.

play with kendama

kendama tips for beginners

This is an ancient Japanese toy that focuses on hand-eye coordination and patience. We already know that Kendama is a toy that originated in Japan, but its popularity has exploded across the United States. It’s a simple but challenging game.

It consists of a wooden block and a pair of wooden balls that rest on the top and bottom of the handle. The top and bottom balls can be moved around, and they give it a nice flowing feel as you play. Kendama is an easy-to-learn toy, and it’s fun to try different tricks.

To start learning this game you do not need to have a great skill level.

Tips to play Kendama (kendama tips for beginners)

Tips to play Kendama

Here are some basic important tips to play kendama.

  • It is best to hold the Ken like you’re writing with a pencil. If you do this, you can land it on any three cups.
  • Swing the ball instead of pulling it up. You will have better control if you do this when you land your ball on the cups.
  • Keep an eye on the ball all the way to the cup. It helps to cushion it as if you were catching an egg.
  • It takes patience to get things done. Mastering Kendama takes years, so keep calm and breathe.

There are three different types of cups on the Ken: the Big cup, the Little cup, and the Base cup. On the spike’s opposite side is the base cup.

Here in this trick, we will go from a large cup to a small cup before returning to the large cup.

  • With the big cup facing upward, hold the Ken horizontally.
  • Pull the string upward and slide the cup underneath the ball.
  • You should then throw the ball up in the air once you have it in the big cup.
  • The small cup facing upward should rotate your wrist 180 degrees whilst the ball is in the air.
  • It will land softly in the cup, cushioned by the cup.
  • As soon as the ball touches the small cup, toss it up into the air again.
  • Your wrist should rotate 180 degrees in order to catch the ball in the big cup.

This beginner video will help you more to learn these sweet kendamas. 

Bravo! You just did a basic Trick of kendama!

KeeKeep practicing this and don’t be afraid to go for the base cup as well. When you are practicing, you should focus on the way you control the ball, because this will help you transition tricks in the future.

Learn how to Spike

  • While holding the Ken upright pointing towards the sky and the ball resting calmly.
  • As you raise the ball into the air, pull the ken towards the sky.
  • Before catching the ball, move the spike underneath it to cushion its fall.

Before you begin, spin the ball slightly if you find it difficult. Keeping the hole at the bottom will make it easier to spike.

This is just the beginning of future possibilities with kendama – you can do much fancier and more impressive tricks once you learn the core moves.

Why is kendama so popular?

There are many reasons why kendama is so popular. Some people say it’s because you can use any kind of ball to play it. Others say it’s because it’s fun to watch. Others say it’s because it’s both highly addictive and addictive to play. And some say it’s because it’s Japan’s favorite skill toy.

It’s not just all about multiplying points and not just easy tricks. Kendama, as a toy and as a sport, is popular because it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun to learn how to make a kendama and to play with one, and even more fun to master trick cards and push the boundaries of endurance and technical skills.


In final words, this wooden toy provides hours of fun. It’s fun to play with it alone, but it’s even more fun to play with it with friends. The kendama is a fun training device for your hand-eye coordination. The kendama has been around for thousands of years in Japan. There are even exhibitions and kendama events with kendama masters.

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