Best Pyraminx Speed Cubes for 2023: A Competitive Edge for Speedcubers

Those who are familiar with the Pyraminx (Triangle) Speed Cube know that it is shaped like a tetrahedron. Many people find it to be the second most popular puzzle of all time. Uwe Méffert created the pyraminx in 1971, but it was not patented until 1981. After that, many of the most renowned puzzle companies have created their own versions of the pyraminx. Pyraminx solves are recorded as the fastest in the world at 0.

Pyraminx speed cubes for 2023

Andy Bellenir was the winner of the first-ever WCA (World Cube Association) Pyraminx competition, which was held in 2003. You too can enjoy solving pyraminxes by trying some of the best pyraminx speed cubes which are available in the current market today!


Pyraminx speed cubes are popular and most people have their favorite brand, but it is important to know how their products are performing at this time. 

To determine which is the best brand of pyraminx speed cube, it is not just about their formula or design but several other primary factors such as the results they deliver, their price for money, their ingredient profiles, and many more factors.

My ranking of pyraminx speed cube brands is based on their features, support, popularity, price, and overall quality. Before making a final choice, make sure you consider price, brand, and warranty.

What is a Pyraminx speed cube?

what is a pyraminx speedcube

There are many puzzle toys on the market, but the Pyraminx stands out as one of the most popular puzzle toys of all time.

Due to its high ability to captivate the curious minds of people, it has gained so much popularity. It consists of nine identical triangles arranged in a triangle with three triangles on each side. Like a Rubik’s cube, it’s a regular puzzle. 

For the Pyramanx to be solved, you must match the colors on each edge and the center of each face. If the pyraminx is high quality, as well as has all the desired features, the experience is more satisfying.

Where to buy from?

You can buy the best cube online from many online shops, however, I personally buy it online. In addition, Amazon is a popular place to buy goods for a reason. Even though the Amazon platform is a credible one, it offers a variety of Pyraminx cubes and works directly with manufacturers. As a result, you do not have to buy your cube from a retailer instead purchase it directly from the manufacturer.

Pyraminx Speed Cube: How to choose the best one?

As stated previously, Amazon is an excellent platform for purchasing products such as searching for the Best Pyraminx Speed Cube. The Best Pyraminx Speed Cube can sometimes be challenging to find, particularly if you’re new to the platform or never used it before.

Pyraminx Speed Cube How to choose the best one

To help you choose the best Pyraminx Speed Cube on Amazon, here are a few things to consider for purchasing the pyramid cube:

Brand quality: You should also consider the brand of Pyraminx Speed Cube when making your purchase on Amazon. To make the right decision, it is important to understand the types of brands sold by different sellers. Brands like D-FantiX Qiyi Qiming that are well-known and high quality are usually more expensive than less popular ones.

Function or Activity: Before you purchase the Best Pyraminx Speed Cube, you need to consider its functionality. A Best Pyraminx Speed Cube’s functionality typically depends on its specifications. For example, a more detailed specification moves into greater functionality.

Price: When you’re buying the Best Pyraminx Speed Cube from Amazon, consider the price as one of the most important factors. Everyone wants quality products at a reasonable price. When you use Amazon, you can compare the best pyramid cube prices from multiple sellers and find the best deal.

Customer reviews mandatory: The vast majority of customers who get the Best Pyraminx Speed Cube from Amazon leave feedback about their experiences. 

All of these reviews appear on the product’s page. These reviews will allow you to determine the quality of a particular Pyraminx Speed Cube before buying it. Although, I am writing details all of Pyraminx cube in this article.

Pros and Cons: Think about the pros and cons first if you are uncertain about investing any money into your purchase. Is the purchase worthwhile in terms of benefits? To think of other pros and cons, you could also consider reading the product description here.

Warranty: The warranty is another factor to consider. If you buy an expensive product and it breaks down after a month, you cannot afford to buy it again. For a costly cube, warranties are especially important. If something goes wrong, you should be able to get a replacement.

The fact that the product comes with a warranty is a sign that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality. You should be wary about buying any product from a manufacturer who is unwilling to back their products after they are sold.

Service & Policy: Is the company capable of repairing anything that breaks down? You should check the service policy of the company. Consider the return policy of the company as well. A faulty item can be a hassle if your purchase breaks down later on.

What is the best Pyraminx speed cube?

Whether you are looking for the best Pyraminx speed cube or want to purchase one, below are the top 10 best Pyraminx speed cubes for everyone in 2023.

The Best Pyraminx Cube:

1.D-FantiX Qiyi Qiming Pyramid Stickerless Speed Cube

Qiyi Qiming is a new cube from the D-FantiX series. It features a completely new design and is much faster than any other speed cube in the market. The corner-cutting is at an excellent standard and the cube feels very smooth. 

Are you searching for a stunning speed cube with outstanding corner-cutting, sturdiness, and stability? Want to gift your kids? Then, I will say that It’s an outstanding gift suitable for all ages, especially for kids and adults. It’s also a perfect toy for improving your memory and hands-on ability.

Already tensioned and lubricated, the cube is ready to use. You just take it out of the box! D-FantiX Qiyi Qiming Pyramid Stickerless Speed Cube is a speed cube featuring a new magnetic positioning system, which makes the cube more stable and efficient. 

So, In the end, I would say about this is- The Qiyi Pyraminx Speed Cube is one of the most preferred speed cubes among top speedcubers for its fast movement and smooth feeling. 

With its solid construction and stable feeling, this speed cube is the best choice for you to improve your personal record in competitions. Whether your skill level is beginner or pro, this cube would be the best pyramid cube choice for all.

Pros & cons:

  • This Pyraminx cube is an ergonomic quality & excellent stability.
  • Frosted surface design.
  • Has steel-ball which position feels more stable.
  • Comes with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material and is stickerless.
  • This cube is not for children under 3 years old.
  • Instructions are not included.

2.CuberSpeed QiYi Qiming Pyramid Stickerless Magic Cube

This is a speed cube specially designed for international competition. It is made of high-quality material and with great attention to detail. The new improved CuberSpeed Qiyi Qiming stickerless pyramid Magic Cube is an ultimate speed cube designed for speedcubing. 

It is the fastest and most durable speed cube on the market and has more stable and flexible turning and outstanding performance. I like this cube very much but only the drawback of this Pyramid cube is that it is not a magnetic cube.

In addition, the internal corners of the cube are rounded a bit, which makes the system turn smoother, faster, and more precisely. Among the features, I liked about this cube is the anti-pop feature. The cube does not pop off when your children play with it.  This cube can be used for speed-solving competitions, also perfect for beginners, advanced players can also enjoy it.

Pyramid cubes are never out of style. Basically, You can take them anywhere, they’re awesome for adults and kids alike. You can buy it for friends, family members, beginners, and professionals.

The cube will not disappoint you if you are looking for good quality and durability at an extremely low price.

Pros & Cons:

  • It’s a Good Puzzle at a Great Deal.
  • The cube comes with a normal paper box.
  • This triangle cube is stickerless.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Not magnetic.

3. GAN Pyraminx Magnetic Stickerless Triangle Cube

The GAN Pyraminx Magnetic Stickerless Triangle Cube is a standard Pyraminx puzzle that features a magnetic mechanism. This mechanism allows the puzzle to be scrambled easily by a magnetic screwdriver and allows for more flexibility in the solving of this challenging puzzle. 

When you feel stuck on the Pyraminx, try using the magnetic screwdriver to put the pieces in place. Once it’s solved, you can unscrew the pieces again. The GAN Pyraminx Magnetic Stickerless Triangle Cube is an excellent gift for the speedcuber in your life.

The GAN Pyraminx is one of the best speedcubes in the market. It’s the most solid of all the pyraminxes being able to withstand countless hours of intense speedcubing. It is also the most controllable. The cube is extremely fast. 

The GAN Pyraminx is a highly anticipated release from the Gans Factory. The GAN Pyraminx is a magnetic stickerless version of the classic Pyraminx puzzle. The GAN Pyraminx also features a new and improved design and feel.

GAN’s new magnetic positioning system allows for accurate placement of the pyraminx in the world’s first-ever pyraminx. A classic honeycomb structure also forms the basis of the GAN pyramids for smooth and comfortable turning. 

In terms of competitive pyramids enthusiasts, this is a great choice since it is a lightweight standard cube.

Pros & Cons:

  • Comes in 3 versions. The pyramid is very lightweight only 64g.
  • It has core magnets.
  • Comes with 120-degree corner cutting.
  • Numerical GES nuts.
  • Manufacturers provide the Pyraminx tutorial.
  • magnets are not changeable.

4.CuberSpeed Moyu MoFang JiaoShi Meilong Pyraminx stickerless Magic Cube

The Moyu MoFang Meilong Pyraminx speed cube is a fantastic tool for practicing your Pyraminx skills! With the Moyu MoFang Meilong Pyraminx stickerless Magic Cube, you’ll be able to master the Pyraminx in no time!

Out of the box, the cube will turn very slowly and feel rough. This is normal. With moderate turning effort, the cube will become very fast and extremely smooth. 

The cube can be further tuned by adjusting the spring tensions. However, this is not absolutely necessary, and will only make a small difference.

ABS material has replaced traditional stickers, meaning no peeling, fading, or cheating! A frosted surface cube. A textured surface that prevents scratches over time. New vibrant color makes the product easier to identify and more effective.  

This cube has a very fast movement and is very durable; this is because it is crafted with precision and the best materials available.

Pros & Cons:

  • Centers, edges, and tips are stabilized with plastic alignment mechanisms.
  • Featuring a modern design and stickerless bright shades.
  • Eco-friendly ABS material.
  • Overall good quality; the tension, however, is less appropriate.

5. QIYI Pyramid Speed Cube

First of all, if you need a stickerless cube then this cube is not for you.

This unique twisty puzzle in the shape of a tetrahedron is made of a high-quality QIYI Pyraminx Speed Cube from the Chinese brand TANCH. This cube comes with many outstanding features. Four colors are available: green, red, yellow, and blue. The anti-pop function is excellent due to a large number of pieces being bandaged and lubricated on the cube for a long time.

Eco-friendly ABS material is used to make the cube, which is non-toxic and safe.

Players of all skill levels will appreciate this cube.

The previous triangle cubes are not designed for self-practice but this one is made for old people to exercise their brains and prolong their lives. With an adjustable structure and a smooth feel, you will enjoy playing.

As this cube is made from eco-friendly material, it is harmless to people and the environment, so adults will like it. It would make a great gift: A small and light Magic Cube with a triangle speed, you can take it anywhere in your bag or backpack, and you can use it when you’re on the bus home, on the train, waiting for someone, on the airplane, etc. 

No matter what the situation, you can play it. Occasionally, some of the cubes may be smeared with lubricant. Please wipe it up. You can be assured it will not harm you or the environment.

Pros & Cons:

  • The material is ABS Plastic PVC Stickers.
  • Tension changeable.
  • Super lightweight Pyraminx cube.
  • Looks premium quality.
  • Comes with a beautiful box but the box language is not in English.

6. Roxenda Pyramid Speed Cube

The Roxenda Pyramid Speed Cube is a fun, fast, and extremely smooth-operating speed cube with a new and original design that makes it easier to turn into a mini cube. It has outstanding features.  

The cube has a comfortable solid structure with a well-built case that essentially makes it a tactile toy that you can play with for years. 

This speed cube turns fast and is similar to the Rubik brand speed cube. The speed cube comes with nice anti-pop technology. The puzzle’s pieces are well-made and cut precisely. This speed cube is a must-have for both speedcubers and collectors.

You know mastering the pyraminx is a challenge, but the joy of solving this puzzle is incomparable. It is a popular twisty puzzle that consists of 4 colored cubes that you have to assemble into a pyramid. 

The Pyraminx is an oversized version of the Rubik’s cube, which you have to manipulate inside a solid cube. It is a challenging puzzle that can take a longer time to solve. You can use different methods to solve it, and a lot of patience and a lot of practice to master it.

Pros & cons:

  • Comes with a pyramid cube tutorial.
  • Anti-wing design will make you love it.
  • Reduces friction by sinking ridges into the surface.
  • The cube shape is more difficult to solve.

7.CuberSpeed Qiyi 4×4 Pyramid stickerless Magic Cube

A classic color-matching puzzle that’s great for indoors or outdoors, Pyramid 4×4 Speed Cube is a great mental challenge. A twisty puzzle favorite for centuries, the Pyraminx is an addictive game. In order to complete the puzzle, you must scramble the colored tiles and reassemble them into a pyramid.

The Qiyi 4×4 speed cube is a high-performance speed cube from Cuberspeed. This puzzle cube can be scrambled in a variety of methods. It is a joy to solve and a great speed cube for beginners and experts alike. 

If you are just starting out on the Pyraminx, or if you are looking to replace or upgrade your current speed cube, consider the CuberSpeed Qiyi 4×4 Pyraminx. It is affordable, yet highly rated. The Qiyi Pyraminx is a fantastic choice for those who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

I haven’t had problems with popping and the gentle locking mechanism allows you to lock your turns into place before continuing. This puzzle is a worthy alternative to the Pyraminx if you want to solve something that is actually more challenging.

Pros & Cons:

  • Looks great, everyone will love it.
  • Plastic material.
  • Not too vibrant in color.
  • Turning is easy and transitions are smooth.

8.D-FantiX Carbon Fiber Pyramid 3×3 Speed Cube

I have already reviewed of D-FantiX brand but that was another version. D-FantiX Carbon Fiber Pyramid Speed Cube is a 3×3 pyraminx speed cube, made with eco-friendly ABS material, sustainable and non-toxic, Ultra-durable, and high-speed. It has a smooth, fast, and unique design that promises good hand feels and better performance. It is a great collector’s item and a must-have for a novice speeduber.

D-FantiX is committed to providing you with the best cube in the market! They guarantee that their speeds will be faster than any other cubes in the market! Speed depends on the turning of the centerpieces of the cube, not on the moving of the cube itself.

The D-FantiX 3×3 carbon fiber speed cube uses spring-loaded screws to centerpieces, making it especially good for speedsolving. Like all other triangle cubes, It has an overall smooth feel, turning very fast right out of the box, and has great corner cutting without being too loose or locked up when you get to the end of the solve.

Pros & Cons:

  • Safe and non-toxic ABS plastic. Do not harm humans or the environment.
  • Durable and wear-resistant.
  • Vivid color scheme.
  • An excellent option for novices.

9.LiangCuber Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx 3×3 Stickerless Speed Cube

Want to solve the puzzle, but don’t know which cube to choose? Searching for the stickerless speed cube twist? Here I will recommend this high-performance and sturdiness speed cube – “LiangCuber Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx 3×3 Stickerless Speed Cube”. 

The Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx is a speed cube that has been around for a while. It comes in a variety of colors and is a quality speed cube. It has been used in some international competitions and has been reviewed by some of the best speedcubers in the world. It’s a great cube to add to your collection or to start solving.

The Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx 3×3 Speed Cube is a fun and addictive twisty puzzle. The magnetic positioning of the pieces makes it easy to scramble and restore your puzzle. 

The Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx 3×3 Speed Cube comes with extra magnets for you to customize your puzzle and make it your own. It has an anti-pop technology that prevents your puzzle from popping. The Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx 3×3 Speed Cube has every feature you might want in a speed cube.

Pros & Cons:

  • Rather than stickers, permanent colors are provided.
  • Felt comfortable to hold and touch.
  • Almost 5 editions are available in the market.
  • Adaptable magnets and magnet positioning systems improve grip.
  • Overall good quality.

10. YJ Pyramid 3X3 Triangle Magic Cube

In the last one, I am just about to complete it. Love a 3X3 Triangle Magic Cube?  A 3×3 Speed cube specially designed to be oh-so-good-looking I love it absolutely! It has a straightforward design, fewer pieces, and fewer frustrations. A perfect choice for beginners.

This is one of the best magic Pyraminx cubes. It is a 3×3 cube designed to prevent pops and keep turning. It comes with a gift box, a sticker set, a card, a free pouch, and a free cube stand. This cube can turn well. It is a gift for a friend. The gift box is great.

It is a 3×3 cube with a slightly different and more ergonomic design than the standard 3×3. This one comes pre-lubricated and tensioned, and it is smooth and fast right out of the box.

This puzzle cube’s colors are highly vibrant, making it easy to distinguish from other colors. After moderate use over a few days, the stickers on the faces come off easily. It is easy to twist and very maneuverable. I appreciate how smoothly the pieces glide as I twist them, as well as how dexterous this product is. 

For those seeking a challenge, this is a great puzzle cube. It is slightly more difficult to learn than a normal 3x3x3 cube but is a great challenge if you want to try it! It was a pleasant surprise that the pieces of this product did not break.

Pros & Cons:

  • Very good at cutting corners.
  • Suitable for fast-paced performances.
  • It’s flexible and feels better.
  • Directions come in Chinese as well as English versions.
  • Be a master of pyramids cubes.
  • Good choice for a cuber.

What Pyraminx is right for you!

I have described and given my opinions on Ten of the best Pyraminx puzzles currently available, but you may not know which one to choose. 

Alternatively, you may want to purchase one as a gift for someone else and need a bit more guidance than has been revealed thus far. Still, need to choose the best pyraminx for you?

For newcomers to Pyraminx, puzzling, or speedcubing, I would recommend you try Cuberspeed, Moyu Pyraminx, D-Fantix, or ShengShou.

I would like to say that this is a great and fast cube for a few dollars. It is a great Pyraminx once you have broken it in and arranged it your way.

Furthermore, if you are an experienced cube and want to get a top-tier Pyraminx, I recommend the MoYu. When it comes to Dayan, they’re close enough to be top-tier cubes – the cube does not make the cuber!

QiYi Pyraminx may be the right choice if you already have a Pyraminx, have lots of cubes, and are looking for a unique, “superior” Pyraminx. A MoYu or Dayan is a better alternative unless you particularly like the color scheme of the QiYi.

What is the fastest Pyraminx method?

Although there are infinite methods that could be used for speedcubing, one method is called “Constant speed” (also known as CC). The other common ones include Tri-CC, Twin 2x2s, and GC. And for CC’s sake? It should also come with the hardest cube in Fastest! (Granted not all Fastest cubes are necessarily faster than others!) 

Amazingly fast yet still quite challenging to complete this extremely tricky puzzle requires several factors: your math skills needed to solve simple addition problems while solving cube puzzles at lightning speeds; you need exceptional visual perception wherein noticing small deviations from the cube in speed would result in your solving the puzzle correctly; you need to be able to solve this quickly, step by step while adapting constantly during the solves. 

While many do not experience trouble with solving this cube overall it is also true that some are incapable of breaking through. 

To become fast enough for constant-speed cubes, practice! Practice every day – Solving together after getting 3/3s will help increase precision when practicing step-by-step cases commonly seen on YouTube.

Pyraminx Speed Methods?

A lot of people ask about Pyraminx speed methods, and no matter how many you perform, it still seems that the cube is just not cooperating. 

Some try many different ways such as carry-sets which can result in some very fast solves but if this had been enough to finally get faster times then more than likely they would be world record-breaking!

Others believe some special technology or equipment will help them go fast and while some may claim so some others suggest using a 2×2 carrying system by combining speeds on different sides of the Pyra. 

Sadly there are no known secrets out there for Pyraminx speeds and it would seem that with the combination of all 3 types of algorithms (cufflinks, Koch, x47) these tricks wouldn’t even work on higher levels.

Which is easier, skewb, pyraminx, 3×3, 2×2, or gearball?

There are many cubers who can solve all of them, but I’ll list them. The Skewb algorithm (one 4 letter algorithm) gets a 3.7/10. Pyraminx (A few simple algorithms) 4.2/10. 

There are only four algorithms in GearBall (slightly harder than Pyraminx) – 4.25/10. 3×3 (Yes, I placed this in front of 2×2, but I’m just used to edges, plus I love minimal algorithms) 5.0/10. The 2×2 version (a little more challenging than the 3×3 version, but still not a tough assignment) scores 5.25/10.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are questions concerning Pyraminx’s uses and some of its specific features since it is not a very well-known product.

The following are some common questions you may have about pyramid cubes and their answers as well, so you won’t have to waste time searching the internet:

Is it better to have stickers on cubes or not?

Ans. In spite of the fact that they perform the same function, sticker-less cubes are easier to use because there is no maintenance and the labels will not peel off.

What are the benefits of pyramid cubes?

Ans. A pyramid cube offers a higher degree of spatial stability, consciousness, and balance as well as promotes the development of the intellect, cognition, and neurological development of children.

How old should the children be to use them?

Ans. Children over the age of five can typically use most pyraminx games. Some cubes, however, can be used under parental supervision by toddlers.

Final thoughts

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! As I noticed that there were no reviews available for Pyraminx puzzles, I decided to come up with this list. These Ten Pyraminx listed here have something for everyone, from budget options to top-tier speed cubes. If you are looking for the best pyraminx speed cube then you will find definitely the right one from above.

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