The Best Cube Timers for Speedcubing in 2023

In this article, you will learn and find the best Cube Timers for Speedcubing. It is important to be a good timer if you are a Cuber, especially for those who speed cube. This puzzle can be solved in a few different ways. Its key feature, however, is to solve the puzzle in the least amount of time possible. 

Cube Timers for Speedcubing

Yusheng Du achieved the fast-solve record with a time of 3.47 seconds. Speedcubing is practiced around the world to maximize one’s speed cube time. The role of timing is crucial here. As part of this article, I will review the top 9 best Rubik’s cube timers you must own.


Depending on the manufacturer and also on the user’s preferences, timers typically feature a variety of features. If you are not familiar with the quality and capabilities of the timer, it may not suit you, particularly if you are unfamiliar with them. 

There are many different types of speed cube timers available in the market. This article will show you how to use a simple and effective method to solve cube timer problems, and how it can benefit your solving time.

What is a Speed Cube Timer?

It’s simple and this question of what is a cube timer may come to every novice’s mind.

When playing speedcubing, a cube timer can be a very useful tool. You can use it to keep track of how long you have been solving the cube.

The Speed Cube Timer is a unique cube timer that works with your smartphone. Just take a photo of the cube you are solving and the timer will start counting down from 0:00:00.

To summarize, the World Cube Association (WCA) sets rules and regulations for solving Rubik’s cubes. Players’ prowess is assessed by tracking how quickly they can solve the puzzle while adhering to the rules of the event using a timer. Cuber timers are available on multiple platforms and are specifically designed for cubers. Individuals must select the right timer for the device or operating system in which they plan to utilize the timer.

What is the best speed cube timer?

You can access a cube timer online using a variety of devices, and there are multiple options. There isn’t a single best Rubik’s cube timer, as different people use timers on different devices. It is easier to download timers for various devices and operating systems, such as Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Check out these nine best Rubik’s cube online timers for multiple devices and platforms:


The SPEED STACKS G4 Pro Timer is the improved, next generation of the best-selling G4 Timer. Featuring an improved ergonomic design, large easy-to-read display, and motion-activated backlight, the G4 Pro Timer is the most accurate, dependable, and affordable timer in the market.

So, the G4 Pro Timer is absolutely the perfect timer for speedcubers. It features a full-color LCD display that shows the current time in minutes and seconds, the average time per solve to the hundredth place, the best time per solve, the alphabetical list of your personal records, and it operates on just two AAA batteries. The timer also has a built-in memory that will save your personal records so you can review your progress.

The G4 Pro Timer is a Speed Stacks timer that is used in alignment with your favorite speed cube to keep track of your records. The timer automatically keeps a record of the total time in a session, average time in a session, and a history of your personal best times.

Pros cons:

  1. It comes with two AAA batteries.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Changing the batteries requires removing the magnetic base attached to the device. A circle will appear that can be opened with a coin.
  4. works great.

CuberShop Qiyi Professional Speed Cube Timer

The CuberShop Qiyi Professional Speed Cube Timer is a must-have for the speedcuber and speedcubing community. The timer can store and display three times and has a high-resolution stopwatch, so you can time your solve to the hundredth of a second. The timer automatically pauses when you remove the cube from the timer and shows your current averages for your best and worst times as well as your average.

If you are a speedcuber and love solving the 3×3 cube, you probably want to know how fast you can solve it. To do this, you need a timer, and we recommend CuberShop Qiyi Professional Speed Cube Timer. It is very useful for speedcubers, especially for those who are getting started. It is simple, stable, beautiful, and accurate. Whether you are new to the sport or you are a veteran, you will find it useful.

The CuberShop Qiyi Professional Speed Cube Timer is a sleek, handy piece of equipment that keeps track of your time while you are solving a Rubik’s Cube.

This is the best speed cube timer for all kinds of speedcubers. It’s easy to use and very suitable for the speed cube. It’s made of high quality material, it’s durable enough to use for a long time. It’s easy to use, there are big numbers for the hour, minute, and seconds. You can easily set up the timer. You can also see the numbers clearly in the light. The timer has a beguiling appearance, The combination of black and red makes it look cool.

There’s more to it than just a timer. A speed cube timer can connect to a computer, cell phone, or screen using a data cable if you purchase the version which includes one. You can use it as a speedcubing tracking tool and utilize it with multiple devices.

Pros cons:

  1. High-quality ABS plastic surface.
  2. Comes with 2 AAA batteries.
  3. Can get accessed on multiple devices.
  4. Good packing comes with a color box.
  5. The best gift for gifts but not lightweight.

CuberShop Moyu Speed Cube Timer, Accurate & Convenient Timekeeping for Speed Cube Competition & Training

Are you interested in speedcubing? Are you looking for the best speed cube? Have you ever wondered how much time you actually spend on your best speed cube? Do you want to improve your best speed cube solving time? Do you need a timer for your best speed cube to record your best times? This is the best speed cube timer you need!

The Moyu Speed Cube Timer is a simple, innovative, and convenient tool that every cuber needs in competitions and for training. It’s what professionals use to record their times, and it’s what amateurs need to practice speedcubing at home. It’s the only speed cube timer with its own app for iOS and Android, which allows you to record your times, analyze your average solves, and keep track of your records.

Now if you want to improve your cube solving time then you will need this cube timer. It’s one of the best timer for speed cubes.

Pros cons:

  1. Timer for cubing at a low cost.
  2. It provides accurate timekeeping.
  3. Very unique & simple user interface but plastic material.
  4. Lightweight.

Insuwun Professional Cube Timer Clock Machine

Insuwun Professional Speed Cube Timer is a time control device for playing the cube puzzle. It has stable and reliable performance. It can be used generally for competition and training. It can also be used for timing a lot of other activities. If you are a speedcuber, this timer is a must-have item for you.

The Insuwun Professional Cube Timer Clock Machine is a revolutionary device designed to help speedcubers keep track of their times and improve their speeds. This product is ideal for experts and beginners alike and is sure to be a hit with anyone who’s into solving puzzles and games.

It would be awesome for your kids or adult game timing tools.  The Insuwun Professional Cube Timer Clock Machine is designed to be the ultimate, simple, no-nonsense timer for speedcubes.

Pros cons:

  1. It offers sensitive touch control.
  2. The 2.5mm external port makes it compatible with most display brands.
  3. Anti-slip design.
  4. Irreversible.

Speed Stacks Pro Cubing Pack – G4 Graphite

The number five is the G4 Grphite from Speed stacks pro whichh is the perfect timer for the young cuber. Designed with assistance from World Record Cuber, Max Park, the G4 has all the features you need to get started with competitive speedcubing. It has a built-in tournament lock system, tournament mode that will time under 20 seconds, a tournament fail-safe, timer settings for your personal best, and an easy-to-use display.

Whether you are a professional speedcuber or someone who is just beginning to learn how to solve the cube, the Speed Stacks Pro Cube Timer is the perfect accessory to have at home or at competitions.

Get on board the new generation of speedcubing! The G4 Graphite is completely important for any speedcuber.

Pros cons:

  1. You can carry the timer by yourself. However, it doesn’t come with a carrying bag.
  2. You can’t connect the timer with your PC.
  3. Work great.
  4. Great for personal use.

Anleo Hard Travel Case for Speed Stacks G4 Pro Timer

The Anleo Hard Travel Case for Speed Stacks G4 Pro Timer is a beautiful hard-shell travel case for the G4 Pro Timer. It will keep your timer safe and make it easy to find in your luggage. The case is fastened with high-quality polished magnets which are very strong, yet easy enough to open with one hand. Plus it has a storage compartment inside to hold your extra timer pieces.

In case you are searching for the best budget speed cube timer case for speedcubing then I assure you, you will love this item.

Pros cons:

  1. High-quality synthetic material is used to make the case, keeping it sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.
  2. You will only get the case with this range but not the device. In order to get the device, you have to buy it separately.

Hermitshell Hard Travel Case for Speed Stacks G4 Pro Timer

This hardshell case is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It is an excellent choice for the transport of your G4 Pro timer, which is precision built to be dependable and rugged. It is perfect for storage, travel, or even just to keep your timer safe at home.

The Hermitshell Hard Travel Case is perfect for transporting your G4 Pro Timer. The case is made with anodized aluminum which will provide optimal protection for your G4 Pro Timer by eliminating the worry of any dents or scratches that can be caused by other types of cases which maybe plastic. The case is lightweight, weighing only a couple of ounces, and has a low profile design which makes storing and transporting your G4 Pro Timer a breeze.

Pros cons:

  1. Good Storage Carrying Case.
  2. Avoid scratches, dents, and bumps with a protective case.
  3. The timer fits super well.

Cuberspeed YJ Pocket Cube Timer

I know you are searching for a budget timer. That’s why I have kept the Speed stacks G4 pro timer for your speedcubing. Cuberspeed YJ Pocket Cube Timer is the popular speed cube timer for all types of speedcubers. A speed cube timer is necessary for speedcubing there is no doubt.

If you are a speedcuber, you probably know a few important things. Firstly, a speed cube timer can help you enhance your speedcubing performance. Secondly, you have to choose a good timer for your speedcubing. Thirdly, a good timer can help your speedcubing become more precise. In short, a good timer is a good assistant for speedcubers.

Overall, The Cuberspeed YJ Pocket Cube Timer is a great, affordable speed cube timer for cubers.

Pros cons:

  1. Instructions booklet come in the Chinese language.
  2. Smooth & friendly design.
  3. Portable easily anywhere.
  4. Easy to use and cool.

Ticktime Timer Multi-Function Electronic Digital Cube

The Pihen brand is good. The Ticktime Timer is a smart Speed Cube Timer that allows you to keep track of your time and practice your time solving the cube. It’s the only cube timer designed for speedcubers and speedcubing competitions. It’s also the only cube timer that has a Speed Ranking system so you can see how well you’re improving.

The Ticktime Timer is a multi-functional electronic timer that can help you to solve Rubik’s Cube, Rubik’s Clock, Pyraminx, Square-1, 4×4, 5×5, 3×3, etc.

The Ticktime Timer counts down to 0.001 seconds with a stopwatch function. The timer has a dedicated button for setting the time and alarm, so you can get back to your game without having to worry about setting your watch again. The timer comes with a dedicated speed cube app for speedcubing, so you can get back to your game faster.

Pros cons:

  1. LED screen is very attractive & eye soothing for easy to read.
  2. Five-level volume adjustment.
  3. Provides flip & switch mode.
  4. Patent design.
  5. Magnetic surface.
  6. Perfect choice for working, gaming, workouts, and cooking.

How do you know if a speed cube timer is good or not?

A cube timer is used along with your timing software. Without it, you can’t have an accurate time for solving the puzzle. It is also useful when speedcubers are trying to improve their best speed round after round by practicing on a convenient timer that they know how long it will take them to solve the timed solve/solve then review or compare times, draw diagrams and graph progress reports in order to make adjustments.

Time ranges vary from cube to cube. Cube timers have different ranges from 0.00-30 minutes or more so they can be used for a variety of racing help which gives a nice problem-solving workout, and also for preparing for competitions including the standard timed solve requirement needed by nearly all competing cubers around the world.

Most cubes come with some type of software option although not always necessary as most dice I’ve noticed typically handle it quite well naturally but if one does develop Erratic Pacing (or handicaps may apply otherwise) you will at least now know where your worst times are since any speed timer is about the time of 95%+ of the solution which optimistically is around 6 seconds.

There are cube timers that can be monitored through your phone, computer apps that will get you to practice rather helpfully on particular puzzles once done, including speedcubing ones. There are also mini timers for solving cubers I believe 3×3 cubes but never used them myself it might not have had enough showing screen-time to make any comment therefore I’m assuming no speech was made about the timer’s accuracy or usefulness in that category.

If one is able to use a full-size timer where they could control the accuracy and length of usual solves by sliding a finger under any crack/slot to adjust speeds, double-minders so none get too much inordinate stress when using them on timed solves. This would be ideal for cubers who have always used 2×2 cubes but have no experience with 3×3 or 4×4 puzzles otherwise consider spending that extra money paid in hand playing time lost!

Time-holding speedcubing timers are good alternatives if you cannot find what you need from within your current collection.

Which brand of speed cube timer should I buy and why?

My choice is Speed Stacks G4 Pro Timer. There are four buttons near the display of the SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer, including power, save, reset, and next. When the timer starts or stops, the lights on the palm pads flash. You can mount the timer on the mat and connect it to a large display.

Comparing it with the previous G3 model, it’s quite a remarkable upgrade. WCA competitions use this Cube Timer to measure time. It is definitely the best timer on the market, despite it being quite pricey.

What is a good speed cube time & how do you know it?

There are different types of cube timers. There are a few functionalities you should be aware of, so let’s look at some of them.

Tabs for pressure sensitivity

When you want to set up or stop a cube timer, you need to tap the tabs with the palm of your hand. It is therefore crucial that you shop for a pressure-sensitive timer so that you don’t miss a beat. It is a poor design for cube timers not to start immediately after tapping them. To solve the cube as quickly as possible, this functionality must be seamless.


As you’d be tapping the cube timer throughout your solving process, it should be stable. While solving your cube, you may miss out on a few seconds as you tap out, which could lead to an inaccurate recording of your speed time. 

Unlike traditional timers, cube timers have nubs on the back that remain stable until they’re moved. 

Connectivity slot and cable jack 

Connecting a cube timer to a device is the best way to use it. You can also see the time on your device when your cube timer is on. This makes it easier for you to track your speed. 

Timers that can be connected to larger displays are often used in championships and other cube competitions. Observing the time and engaging with the game is easier for the audience. Consequently, when choosing a timer, make sure the cable is easily accessible from an external device or display. 


Most cube timers use AAA batteries. It is important to check if the timer you are considering buying has a battery slot. Usually, you won’t receive batteries with the order. If you want batteries, you’ll have to get them separately. 

How do you use a Rubik’s cube timer?

A cube timer can be started and stopped by hitting the side pads with your palm. Following the WCA’s guide, the cube must start with the white side facing up and the green side facing down. To protect your Cube Timers from damage, you can also buy official mats.

How do I keep calm during timed solves?  

There are several techniques that can help you manage your nerves and keep calm. Even most speedcubers’ worst nightmare is being tense during timed solves and competitions.

Below are some tips on how to overcome this: –

  1. Increase your practice of timed solves. 
  2. Assume that each problem is the same.
  3. When solving timed problems, solve slowly.

Final Ending

When it comes to cubing, timers are vital. You will improve your cubing skills and speed as you practice and define new tactics with cube timers. Timers can also be used in competitions and championships. You become more experienced and mature as a player the more you practice and execute algorithms. 

When you are passionate about cubing and want to identify ways to become more efficient with algorithms, a cube timer is a great investment.

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